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Meyer AI Tech Boosts the Growth of "Rice Land"
The Thailand Rice Mill Association Annual Conference, a grand meeting of rice processing craft, opened on 11st, November. As a leading rice sorting equipment supplier globally, Meyer was invited to present its latest artificial intelligence technologies.
Meyer is always committed to offering intelligence-oriented sorting solutions for rice milling. Meyer's innvotive products have been delivered continuously to help local customers heighten benefits, after more than a decade of business development in Thailand market. At the annual conference, sorting performance of Meryer's AI color sorters was highly appreciated and a couple of purchase agreements were signed.
Kriang-sak, the president of Thailand Rice Milling Association, said that he had strong confidence in Meyer's products and services, leading himself to be a loyal fan, when interviewed by media at Meyer's booth. Also, Kriang-sak proclaimed a deep interest in Meryer's latest AI technologies and expected for a deep cooperation between rice milling enterprises in Thailand with Meyer. 
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