My industry is:

  • Sorters
  • Agricultural products
  • Industrial products
  • X-ray Inspection
  • Food
  • Industrial products
  • Public places

My business scene:

MEYER,A New Star On the Belt and Road!

More than 2000 years ago (in Han dynasty), a Chinese adventurer named Zhang Qian was sent on a diplomatic mission to the western region. A road of economy and culture communication between the western and the eastern was established.

In 2013,the Belt and Road , proposed by the China government, renewed this ancient and significant road.

The Belt and Road International Cooperation Forum brought new opportunities and possibilities to the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road, and also provided MEYER with a larger development stage.

The Belt and Road transcripts of Meyer

MEYER optoelectronic is focused on cultivating the domestic market, and at the same time, in 2002 the national brand "ANCOO" color sorter had been already introduced to the worldwide. After more than ten years of innovation investment, we set up a perfect global marketing service network.

Adhering to the "Business, Sharing, Cooperation" principle, MEYER has been cooperating with 92 countries and providing high-quality sorting solutions for over three thousands of families. At the same time, Meyer X ray detector, the high-end medical equipment also exported globally.

In recent years, according to the concept of "Go out, Come in", we not only sent a large number of high-end technical people around the world, but also arrange international partners to accept company training regularly; Based on above 40,000 sets of machines running globally, we built The MEYER Interconnect System, to provide local service timely and efficiently.

MEYER’s new opportunities towards the Belt and Road

In May 17th, "The new concept of innovation and development, the Belt and Road new opportunities" as the theme of the tenth session of Chinese Central Investment and Trade Exposition opened at Hefei. MEYER brought two new techniques -- Artificial Intelligence Color Sorter and CBCT, showing with other innovative enterprises of six central provinces. We seized the opportunities of "The belt and Road" together and shine for China central area.

As shown in the Expo theme, the Belt and Road created new opportunities for Chinese enterprise. MEYER has also felt that cooperation and exchanges between us and abroad are becoming more and more efficient.

The past two years, our cooperation in the international market gradually increased, covering Southeast Asia, Southern Asia, Western Asia and Eastern Europe. The Belt and Road regional markets maintain sustainable growth, especially in Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Iran, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries. The trade volume growth ranges from 100% to 300% and the development of Meyer is particularly rapid.

The Belt and Road strategy is an opportunity to MEYER in the future. We will rely on the National Agricultural Products Intelligent Sorting Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center, the National Postdoctoral Research Station, the state identified Enterprise Technology Center and other innovative platform to increase research and innovation efforts,and bring the Chinese "Intelligence" to global markets.