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My business scene:

Commercial Counsellor of Vietnam Visited Meyer

Bui Hui Hoang, the Commercial Counsellor from Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, visited Meyer, China's leading supplier in optoelectronic identification technology, on October 16, accompanied by Xiangyang Niu, the Director of Grain Bureau of Anhui Province, and Jianwei Qie, the Vice President of China's  Grain Association.

Director Niu warmly welcomed Bui Hui Hoang during the colloquia, and introduced Anhui's human geography and economic development, as well as presented roles that Anhui province played in responding to the call of "one belt one road" proposed by Chinese's government. The Vice President Qie spoke highly of profound friendship between China and Vietnam which lays a solid foundation for nice cooperation. He further suggested that a multi-level and comprehensive cooperation would be expected to  be developed based on cooperation in grain industry.

Also, Meyer's sales manager of Vietnam reported the situation of business development in Vietnam. Now, Meyer has already offered solutions covering cashews, rice, tea, sesame, green beans, plastics and so forth, since it started in 2008 exploring the Vietnam market which has turned out to be one of the most important overseas markets to Meyer, after almost 10 years' market nurturing.

In addition, Bui Hui Hoang visited the showroom and the multi-functional commissioning center accompanied by Ming Tian, President of Meyer. He gave high marks on achievements Meyer made in food safety assurance and high-end medical equipment. "Vietnam and China are highly commplementary to each other.  As one of the important food exporters, Vietnam is looking forward to deepening cooperation with Meyer in industries of grains, nuts and other agricultural products, contributing to people's welfare of both side," said Bui Hui Hoang.