My industry is:

  • Sorters
  • Agricultural products
  • Industrial products
  • X-ray Inspection
  • Food
  • Industrial products
  • Public places

My business scene:

Meyer AI Technology Displays at CGOF 2017

The wave of artificial intelligence is coming as era changes.

What future looks like in your imagination?

Meyer would like to meet the future with you

at the 15th China International Food and Oil Products and Equipment Technology Exhibition.

Hi-tech booth · Dream of the future

Hi-tech elements including an electrifying LED screen and the advanced media system.

Meyer's technological and artistic booth leads people to generate infinite reverie.

Triple arrow · Salute the future

The crowds came to Meyer's highly tech-driven booth like being attracted by magic on the first day. Meyer  grandly opened its new products release conference of "Triple Arrow Saluting the Future".

Meyer's three series of AI rice color sorters including "Glory", "Refined" and "Classic", unveiled in front of  Jianwei Qie, the Vice President of China's  Grain Association and Zengquan Yang,  the Director of Grain Bureau of Anhui Province.

The Classic series inherit the classic; the Refined series create ultimate experience; the Glory series stand for the top sorting technology with outstanding performance. The three AI systems including "Super Brain", "Intelligent Rejection" and "Real-time Big Data" can be found in the three series.

Every minute was of great significance during the 15-minute release conference with the crowds gathering, making it unprecendentedly successful.

Seeing is believing · Meet the future

Future is never illusory but accessible. Two AI color sorters of the Refined series were connected onsite to offer live demonstrations, making the future close at hand. 

The RS-C and the R-H color sorters performed well through mobile terminals. The AI systems of Super Brain and Intelligent Rejection enable the yellow and white rice to be separated immediately by RS-C, the broken rice to be seprated and foreign substances to be perfectly removed through R-H. Notably, the whole process is visible from the interface of Sorting Master.

Meyer's AI color sorters raised attendees up and attracted lots of fans. A sorting revolution about the future kicked off from right here and now.