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My business scene:

What innovation Meyer brought to the world at the 124th Canton Fair?


Guangzhou is international while Meyer is world-class

A commercial port with a thousand of years.

A crown jewel of the southern China.

This is Guangzhou.

The 124th Canton Fair (Term 1) was grandly held from October 15th to 19th in Guangzhou, China, an international metropolis which experienced progress with each passing day. Meyer, a leading company in optoelectroinc industry, showcased its brand new artificial intelligence sorting solutions and unveiled "Intelligent Connection of All Things" to global customers. 


"It will be much helpful to deliver product diversity, with increasing demands for quality rice", many customers commented, when they realized sorting performance of Meyer's DREAM AI rice sorter.


With traditional sorters, "Difficulty and complexity in operation, and commissioning deliver terrible user experience", has always been commoned by onsite customers.

Meyer's DREAM AI rice sorter greatly simplified its operation when ensuring better quality of rice, making it easy to use even to children. Also, remote management of productionline can be made through a Wechat App named Sorter Care. Moreover, glasses and desiccants can be removed effectively without optional infrared system which costs a lot.



Innovate to carry the burden of national brand of sorters

With 25 years of expertise in sorting industry, Meyer is committed to technical innovation to end the monopoly and has already delivered solutions to over 30,000 companies across more than 100 countries. Sales networks have been well established in India, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and so forth, since Meyer entered the markets a decade ago. Also, the brand of Meyer is now well known by the local customers and Hefei, the capital city of Anhui province, has earned international prestige thanks to Meyer.

Now, the international trade conflicts pose challenges to companies, but Meyer continuously completes its layout for overseas markets through sticking to its value of "Pursue quality, Serve customers" under its concentrating strategy. As for the brand building, Meyer is foucsed on offering better products and services to carry the burden of national brand of sorters, boosting its brand internationalization under the concept of "Powerful First, Massive Second".