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Meyer Brand-new K series AI Belt-type sorter launched in India

Recently, GRAIN EX INDIA 2018 was successfully held in Rajasthan, India.  Meyer, as a leading brand in sorting  industry, was invited to demonstrate its latest AI sorting technology.


In this exhibition, Meyer released its brand-new K Series AI belt-type sorter for sorting nuts, grain crops, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, frozen foods and industrial plastic. The K series sorter also has huge advantages in its sorting accuracy and breaking prevention. It adopts new all-in-one design for easier installation and maintainance, and its special transimission mechanism delivers great stability. Then, its split type dust removal structure makes wet materials sorting much easier. Therefore, the K series sorter won a good fortune and acquired several purchase orders onsite.

color sorting

Colour sorter

Meyer has offered intelligent sorting solutions for rice, beans, peanuts, cashew nuts, sesame, etc, since it entered India in 2008. Meyer's market share and public praise ranks top in the field based on over 10 years of professional operation. With the launch of the K series sorter, Meyer will further promote high-quality development of local agriculture and industrial product processing.

In order to serve local customers better, Meyer not only continuously upgrades products with cutting-edge technologies , but also actively cooperates with local dealers to build marketing service network for better user experience.