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  • Sorters
  • Agricultural products
  • Industrial products
  • X-ray Inspection
  • Food
  • Industrial products
  • Public places

My business scene:

They almost got divorced for a rice sorter of Meyer

It is known that color sorters now play a key role in processing rice. It ensures high quality and security of rice to meet the increasing demands for healthy food. But, color sorters were still not yet popular 17 years ago when the story we are going to tell happened.


In 2001, Jinhua Wu, the general manager of a rice plant in Zhejiang, China, was seen to take huge risks to buy a rice sorter from Meyer which cost him over 500,000 RMB. For this, his wife almost got divorced after quarreling furiously because she thought it was much risky. But, Mr Wu strongly believed that rice sorters were expected to be an indispensable part of rice processing and the profits were to be considerable. Then, he made his decision though under great pressure.   


It was obviously that rice quality was enhanced a lot after sorting, which led higher quality of rice and more profits. More importantly, his wife shifted attitude and gave him full support. Their plant had experienced a rapid growth since then, and they kept purchasing rice sorters from Meyer, totaling 23 machines till 2018.


It can be clearly seen that companies that keep pursuing for high quality of products will make large profits in the long run. That is why Meyer’s sorter businesses are booming regardless of in domestic market or in overseas market. High quality and customer-oriented service are what Meyer sticks to.