My industry is:

  • Sorters
  • Agricultural products
  • Industrial products
  • X-ray Inspection
  • Food
  • Industrial products
  • Public places

My business scene:

OLAM, let’s go ahead together

OLAM, a global leading supplier of cashew, cocoa beans, rice etc based in Singapore, has totally purchased 63 Meyer sorters which are employed in its cashew factories in Asia and Africa. Cashew processed by OLAM is overwhelming in international markets thanks to high quality.

Representatives from OLAM visited Meyer on 1st, Dec to establish a strategic cooperation with Meyer in long-term after exchaning thoughts about the latest AI sorters.

“Meyer is our only supplier of sorters made in China thanks to stable performance of its products. Throughput has been greatly enhanced by more than 10 times since we started replacing workers with AI sorters. More importantly, cashew quality is well ensured and that’s why we keep buying sorters from Meyer”, said a representative of OLAM.

Cashew is easy to break to pieces, which makes sorting difficult when ensuring high quality. The brand new quadra-view belt-type AI sorter features proprietary anti-breaking algorithm to efficiently reduce broken rate based on research of cashew shape. Also, it is able to completely meet high requirements of food quality through precisely removing defects with black spot or shell. 

Meyer is committed to offering better solutions to customers as defined by its core values “Pursue high quality and serve customers”. In the future, Meyer will keep devoting itself to tehcnical innovation and will deliver high-end sorters made in China to the world.