My industry is:

  • Sorters
  • Agricultural products
  • Industrial products
  • X-ray Inspection
  • Food
  • Industrial products
  • Public places

My business scene:

Meyer creates greater prosperity with expertise of 25 years

Meyer delivered its brand history of 25 years and the state-of-the-art AI technologies to customers through two important exhibitions in grain industry of China when looking back on the second half of 2018.

In these two exhibitions, Meyer released the world’s first AI sorter exlcusively for beans. It features precise removal of soybeans from exported bean products, mildew defects and degraded ones from light speckled kidney beans. Also, Meyer unveiled its latest software system called Sorter Care 4.0. This App enables users to manage production lines and sorters as well as product quality just on smart phones in real time, making the concept of unattended operation a reality.

The brand new AI rice sorter showcased onsite surprised customers who watched sorting performance in person. It is easy to use thanks to its simplified interface. Noticeably, it is able to remove glasses and desiccants without infrared system which costs a lot. An order made onsite shocked the crowd with 17 sorters!


As for brand building, Meyer’s 25-year history can be divided into 3 parts: 1993-1999, born to break the monopoly; 2000-2011, created prosperity; 2012-2018, new era of IPO. In the future, Meyer will build brand connotation with better products and services.