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The year 2018 in review: Vietnam rice exports see strong growth in volume and value

Vietnam's rice export volume is likely to reach around 6.15 million tonnes and be worth over US$3.15 billion in 2018, up 5.7% in volume and 19.6% in value over the previous year.

The figures are the result of changes in the right direction, aiming to gradually reduce the volume but still stabilize and increase the value of Vietnamese rice.

In order to meet the demand of high-quality rice, more enterprises focused on clean, organic and nutritious rice. Farmers attached special attention to using high-quality rice varieties that are suitable for exports. Specifically, in the Mekong River Delta – a key rice growing area of the country, the proportion of fragrant and specialty rice varieties reached 22.41% in the 2018 summer-autumn rice crop, with high-quality rice accounting for 52.44%.

Prof. Dr. Vo Tong Xuan, an agricultural expert, said that the sharp change in the structure of varieties was the most important factor creating bright spots for rice industry this year. The shift is in line with the general consumption trend of the world.

Meyer, a leading supplier in China for optoelectronic identification equipment and sorting solutions, entered Vietnam market in 2008. For more than ten years, Meyer has been delivering superior rice sorters to Vietnam. Among them, DREAM series rice sorter, loaded with simplified user interface which was easy to use even for children, becomes the market pet. Also, the Sorter Care app enables customers to manage their sorters on phones wherever they are. Noticeably, it is able to remove glasses and desiccants without infrared system which costs a lot.

Till now, around 1000 sorters have been employed in factories across Vietnam, covering rice, cashew nuts, coffee bean, tea, beans, sesame and plastic.

In the future, Meyer will take lasting efforts to perfect our technologies and guard food safety for local people.