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Highlights of Meyer color sorter in 2018

In 2008, Meyer has won great attention and compliments from customers globally thanks to its high-quality products and heartfelt services. Next, let’s look at some highlights of Meyer color sorter.

Simple operation

Have you ever thought about that even little kid can operate color sorter? you can control your machine wherever you are? foreign substance can be removed without infrared technology which will cost you a lot? Every cereal color sorter owns customized sorting algorithm? Meyer overcame all these challenges in 2008.

In 2018, Meyer new AI color sorters, have been launched in five Chinese cities such as Hefei, Yiyang etc. A new chapter of intelligent sorting has begun since then. “Never imagine sorting can be such an easy thing”, which has become the common inner voice of customers.”

Stable performance

Reliable Meyer color sorter, known for its stable performance, origins from ultimate pursuit of high quality of each part. In 2018, Meyer has built plenty of full-automatic production lines including maglev ejector line, circuit board line and sorting box line.For example, Meyer patented maglev ejector, adopting precision processing technologies of micron level, can still keep excellent performance after 10 billion times of uses under the working frequency of 1100Hz.

In March 2018, heavy budget was put into the building of intelligent manufacturing base. After which, a giant step of manufacturing technologies, product quality and manufacturing efficiency has been taken.

Considerate services

In 2018, Meyer has further improved its after-sales service system and intelligent platform for remote services. Localized and customized services has won loads of compliments for Meyer.

2018 has been full of achievements, breakthroughs and innovations. In 2009, Meyer will launch more new products and deliver better sorting solutions for global customers.