My industry is:

  • Sorters
  • Agricultural products
  • Industrial products
  • X-ray Inspection
  • Food
  • Industrial products
  • Public places

My business scene:

Meyer April 2019 Upcoming Global Event!

Meyer launched brand new AI sorters developed based on MAGA and 5G communication technologies on March 26. New sorters feature high reliability, excellent sorting performance and intelligent operation which make them popular quickly nationwide.


True heart keeps the same everywhere and splendidness travels the world. The brand new GLOBAL, DREAM and REAL AI rice sorters, and sorters made for grains and nuts processing will be introduced on April 12. This is the first time for Meyer not only to deliver new products to international customers so closely, but also to launch such a grand marketing event. It is the faith to precisely serve global customers that makes Meyer to do that. More importantly, which nation will be Meyer’s first station? It will be announced on April 4.


MAGA is referred to Meyer Advanced Global Architecture. It is a comprehensive revolution in R&D, design, manufacturing, supply and services, which enables Meyer to produce sorters like automobiles. It enables Meyer to achieve standardization and modularization of products from the source; as a result, quality of products is well ensured. New sorters are totally produced based on MAGA and assembly lines of the intelligent factory, which delivers a qualitative leap in consistency and stability of products.


5G is referred to the 5th Generation Mobile Networks. It is a revolutionary step in the history of global communication, which is to build a world connecting everthing. Meyer, a global leading supplier of optical identification equipment, takes the lead in creating its intelligent system based on 5G technologies. Also, Meyer originally created the intelligent production line consisting of the Panorama Quality Analyzer and AI Sorters. It is able to analyze rice quality and intelligently recommend price for rice as well as automatically adjust sorting performance by instruction from the cloud. Then, it delivers a quick switchover of sorting solutions.


Meyer is now a global leading brand in the sorting industry after over twenty years of researching in optical identification. To Meyer, leading technologies and stable product quality play a key role in exploring international markets with its market shares increasing rapidly. Meyer is expected to create more values for customers as progresses in product standardization, intelligent factory construction and supply chain management.