My industry is:

  • Sorters
  • Agricultural products
  • Industrial products
  • X-ray Inspection
  • Food
  • Industrial products
  • Public places

My business scene:

【In India】The first Meyer overseas office was established with several new products launched.

With the theme of “Meyer Makes Dream Happen”, South Asia Office, the first Meyer overseas office established in Hyderabad, India on April 12th. Representatives of well-known customers from various fields came to celebrate. At the meeting, Meyer launched new generation of rice AI color sorter including Global, Dream, Real Series and multi-usage color sorter for grains and nuts processing, which attracted much attention.

At the beginning of the activity, on behalf of the company, director of Meyer International Trade Department authorized South Asia Office. Based on this office, Meyer will further improve local marketing and service network construction with partners to enhance user experience and build the demonstration project of serving global users precisely.


During the activity, Meyer 1st Summit of Grain Processing was held. Numbers of well-known customers from fields of rice, beans, peanuts, cashew nuts were invited to appreciate Meyer leading sorting technologies and discuss the direction of these industries.


In view of India rice processing industry, the new generation of rice AI color sorter including Global, Dream, Real Series can meet customers’ needs accurately and efficiently. Based on MAGA and intelligent factory streamlined production standard, the consistency and stability of new products have achieved a qualitative leap. “I trust Meyer because of the support of MAGA.” Customers said.


Based no 5G communication technology, Meyer opens a new era by initiating the processing mode of panorama quality analyzer + color sorter to realize online analysis and pricing and automatically sorting effect adjusting. Lots of customers interested in panorama quality analyzer, asked questions about its functions, and hoped panorama quality analyzer could cover more fields as soon as possible.


Meyer also launched 2019 multi-usage color sorter including CJ.A for beans, CJ.L for peanuts and CJ.N for nuts and seeds. The economy, stability and intelligence of new color sorters have reached new heights. Different sorting solutions for different materials will bring more excellent sorting effect to create greater value for enterprises. "This is really a professional skill!" praised by a guest.


Meyer Makes Dream Happen  Wonderful tidbits


With the in-depth global customer demand research, Meyer will promote the establishment of other overseas offices step by step and accelerate global market layout. Meyer will develop better products and service solutions to realize the dream of “discover the world to see a better future” with global users.