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Green Meyer sets sail!

Recently, a video called Magical Journey of A Plastic Bottle from Meyer Douyin account got 1.3million likes and over 30 million people watched the video. This video represented how to turn plastic bottles into polyester fiber with the help of Meyer plastic sorting machine.


Renewable resources sorting business is the epitome of Meyer sustainable development strategy to boost circular economy. As a company with high sense of social responsibility, Meyer has been working on sustainable development. In the past few days, president Tian Ming put forward the concept of “Green Meyer”, indicated that comprehensive efficiency should be appreciated for economic benefits as well as environmental and social benefits.

Green design

MAGA (Meyer Advanced Global Architecture), the overall R&D manufacturing platform, has been launched in March, 2019. MAGA boosts product standardization and modularization comprehensively from design stage and constructs universal platform covering 60% sales volume of color sorter, which reduces components of mainstream models by 41%, promotes general rate by 70%, establishes modular design library of more than 3000 items. At the same time of energy saving and efficiency increasing, the universality, safety and reliability of product has been improved greatly.


Meanwhile, in the process of R&D and design, the company focuses on product life cycle, taking full advantage of new technology, new material, new processing technique to improve product quality, work efficiency and reduce materials consumption. For example, to use bending and riveting instead of welding and polishing realizes environment protection and product stability promotion. Take Meyer new belt-type color sorter for another example, it realizes electrical energy saving by innovative crawler belt conveyor which reduces force of friction, realizes water conservation by optimizing waterway design and avoids consuming of lubricating grease by brand new structure design of maintenance-free bearing.

Green Manufacture

Automatic coating production base had been put into service in 2017. Coating process had been changed from outsourcing to self-production. Meyer has become a model of environment protection and green development by upgrading process equipment and reducing emission to increase efficiency and reduce cost.


Meyer automatic coating production base (the first phase) came into service in 2017.

Meyer intelligent factory, automatic coating production base(the second phase) and intelligent sheet-metal production base have started construction in succession from 2018. Comprehensive intelligent production will promote stability and standardization of products. The modern mode will enhance product performance as well as improve work efficiency and reduce resource consumption.


Meyer intelligent factory with large investment of hundreds of millions of yuan will take the lead to realize the automatic intelligent production of color sorters and CBCT. 

Green Management

Meyer has always attached great importance to system process construction. President Tian Ming has repeatedly emphasized that system and process are very important for company management and required strictly implementation of company policies, strengthening supervision and control to promote management efficiency. 

图片7.png▲Meyer Intelligent Call Center

In recent years, by benchmarking excellent enterprises, Meyer has invited international consulting and management companies to improve management. It is devoted to realize automatic, synergetic and well-organized management by rules maintenance and process fix, to realize mobile office by advanced information-based system, to realize human losses reducing by enhancing process management. The concept of energy saving and high efficiency has gone deep into employees’ heart.

To build “Green Meyer” is the only way for sustainable development. In the near future, Meyer will persistently carry out in-depth green design, green production, green management persistently. By the way of using modern technologies, process technique, management methods, Meyer will save energy and resources, reduce environment pollution and realize green development as well as promote users’ experience.