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My business scene:

Meyer signed a strategic cooperation agreement with COFCO Grains

Meyer and China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation(COFCO) signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement for Key Equipment Suppliers at COFCO Headquarters on September 29th. Xiang Sheng, Meyer leader, spoke as a representative of the rice color sorter supplier. Zeng Xianfeng, deputy secretary of COFCO Grain Party Committee, and executive deputy general manager attended the signing ceremony. Li Shuping, deputy general manager of the project investment department, presided over the work.

In Xiang Sheng's speak, he combined the development trend of rice processing and grain machine industry, elaborated the development layout of Meyer, expressed his willingness to deepen cooperation and jointly escort global food security with COFCO.

Zeng Xianfeng pointed out: Based on sharing vision of development and promising extensive cooperation with all business partners, COFCO is willing to cooperate with all contracting units more comprehensively with regard to expanding capacity and utilizing the stock assets efficiently.

As the first-level business unit of China COFCO Group, COFCO Grains is mainly engaged in the three business segments: rice, noodles and malt. It has the ability to control the grain source domesticly and overseas. It is one of the largest rice processing and trading enterprises in China, and also the main channel of importing and exporting rice.

Meyer is China's leading provider of special equipment for photoelectric  identification. It has the National Agricultural Products Intelligent Sorting Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center. It is committed to guard safety and health of everyone, and has always been played a leading role in the field of agricultural product sorting and detection. At present, the company's color sorter products have been widely used in various processing enterprises under the COFCO Grains.

In the future, the two sides will reach more alliances in their respective fields to help the healthy development of the global food industry and make our daily diet more nutritious and healthier.