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Crazy for rice:How to remove light yellow rice?

It It is likely to be infected with mold, when the rice turns yellow, which will be harmful to people's  


The quality of rice may be affected by lots of factors, and rice wholesalers and consumers are particularly sensitive to "yellow rice". Because of the increasing awareness of food safety today, consumers have an attitude of zero tolerance for the mildewed rice.

Therefore, for all rice mills, the removal of yellow rice is a must.

Light yellow rice

Ordinary yellow rice can be removed by general  color sorters. But light yellow rice which has little difference in color from white rice, poses a great challenge to many rice mills.

Therefore, for all rice mills, the removal of yellow rice is a must.

Meyer released two new rice color sorters in this April and May respectively: 2020 DREAM Flagship and 2020 DREAM. They are both equipped with the Full Spectrum Lighting System. It is especially designed for removing light yellow rice. 

rice colour sorter

Full-spectrum Lighting System
White LED+blue LED makes the spectrum of the color sorter lighting source infinitely close to the sunlight spectrum, thereby greatly improving the color rendering ability of the light source.

Why full-spectrum lighting system?
Many rice factory owners have a consensus: it is difficult to remove light yellow in the evening because human eyes can't not see the color difference unless in the sunlight.

We generally use the color rendering index Ra to define the color rendering ability of the light source. The higher the color rendering index is, the stronger the color rendering ability is. The color rendering index of sunlight is Ra=100, and the color rendering index of white LEDs used by general color sorters will not exceed 90. Compared with sunlight, the white LED spectrum has obvious defects. Under this spectrum, it is difficult to remove light yellow rice from white rice.

Meyer full spectrum lighting system has improved the color rendering index of the traditional color sorter for light yellow from 90>Ra>85 to Ra>98, which is infinitely close to daylight. Under full-spectrum illumination, the contrast between extremely light yellow rice and white rice is much stronger than that of ordinary light sources. Even the extremely light yellow that is indistinguishable to the naked eye can be seen at a glance.


The advancement of the lighting system, plus the comprehensive information collection of the quad camera, and the precise rejection of the sniper system, make it easy to remove light yellow rice.

Meyer, anytime, anywhere!

rice color sorters