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[8th Anniversary of Listing] Meyer Dental CBCT passed Australia's TGA registration


Recently, Meyer Oral CBCT (Oral Maxillofacial Cone Beam Computed Tomography Equipment) and Oral Curved Tomography X-ray machines have been authoritatively recognized after obtaining European authoritative CE certification, and both have passed the Australian Drug Administration (TGA) ) Registration.


TGA certificate

Australia has strict management over the production and import of therapeutic products, and is recognized as one of the countries in the world with strict management of therapeutic products and high difficulty in market access. The TGA registration shows that Meyer has been recognized by the Australian government in terms of quality system and production environment facilities, which will greatly promote the development of the company's international market.


                                              ▲6000+ dental clinics covered by Meyer Dental CBCT 

In 2012, Meyer took the lead in launching the domestically produced oral CBCT, which is widely used in the fields of oral implantation, orthodontics, restoration, and endodontic diagnosis. Once the product came out, it won many awards. It has successively won the first prize of Anhui Science and Technology Award, the Outstanding Contribution Award of the Oral Special Committee of the Chinese Medical Equipment Association, and the Gold Award of Innovative Products at the World Manufacturing Conference. Its local high-definition imaging and hybrid pulse source and intelligent technologies lead the whole industry.

Over the years, Meyer has helped more than 6,000 dental institutions to achieve precise diagnosis and treatment with many advantages such as "international quality, affordable prices, and local services", which has effectively promoted the popularization of oral CBCT, benefiting doctors and the pub