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Rising Small Packaged Foods Economy,Booming Trillion-Worthy Market

Small packaged foods come into our sight more frequently over the years. With various brands, colorful packs and delicious taste, packaged foods appear everywhere: supermarket, shops, online food shops, even booming street- stall, showing their appealing popularity.

食品 (2).png 

“single economy” is rising

According to the 2018 Chinese annual statistic data, the number of Chinese singles has reached 260 million and being single is a normal thing across the world. In the US, the single accounts for 45 percent of the total population. In Japan, the proportion reaches to 32.4 percent. Korea and China, two big countries close to Japan, the single occupies 23.9 percent and 14.6 percent of its population respectively. Social development and thought transformation will bring the Chinese single population up to 400 million in the near future based on the analysis of Japanese and Korean single statistics trends. What’s more, official annual data from the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics revealed that the average number of a Chinese family has declined to 3 or less.


small packaged foods become a new trend

It is a hard decision to deal with extra food if we buy too much but can’t eat all. Pity for throwing them into the trash bin and easy to go bad if just leaving them. Modern life can’t tolerate any unnecessary food stockpile and waste. Small packaged foods perfectly solve those problems. It is easy to carry and stock. Its precise control of acceptable daily intake also matches a majority of people who pursue healthy life.

small package, big future

Many Chinese famous food industries have observed the potential business opportunity for small packaged foods. They quickly adjusted production lines to improve the supply of small packaged food, meeting the large market demand and as a result, their operation performance achieved an enormous increase. Here is the table on Chinese food companies.





Capital Agribusiness Group  

Small packaged cooked beef and lamb

output 20% +

Guchuan company

Small packaged flour  

output 91%+

Fresh hema

Bottled fresh rice

Sale 57%+ after launching 3 months later

Xiwang Food

Small bottled cooking oil

Sale 200%+


Small packaged nut food received a warm welcome from customers when first launched. Chinese famous food companies including Qiaqia Food, Three Squirrels, COFCO are competing to release distinctive packaged food in the market, which has created excellent business performance growth.


we know what you want


To satisfy the booming demand for high-quality inspection of packaged foods, Meyer uses MAGA structure to design and launch All-new X-ray Inspection Machine for Small Packaged Food. Now it is officially released.


 All-new X-ray Inspection Machine for Small Packaged Food


This machine is specialized in foreign materials removal in small and medium-sized packaged food like dairy products, leisure food, meat products, baked food, quick-frozen food, veg and fruit. It not only effectively and precisely removes common metal matters, but also other impurities like glass, bones, strip plastic and stones.



Meyer has provided economical, stable, reliable and intelligent classification and inspection service for over 5,000 customers including famous brands like Qiaqia, Three Squirrels, Xiaoguan Tea, JINMAILANG and Strong Food. Meyer received wide trust and a good reputation from those customers.


Meyer All-new X-ray Inspection Machine for Small Packaged Food is of excellent quality. It is not only easy to install, but also provides stable material transmission without deviation. The transmission bearing is maintenance-free and durable. And equipped with an easy control interface, you can use the machine in a short time. It supports remote mobile control, and is more affordable.


Meyer always treats customer’s satisfaction as the first goal, wholeheartedly creates value for customers, continues to provide customers with better quality products and better services.