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Meyer's Tea Sorting Solutions

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, tea as a healthy and fashionable drink is favored by consumers and is becoming increasingly popular in the global market. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of tea import and export standards in the European Union, Japan and other countries, higher requirements have been put forward on the quality of tea, which has brought opportunities to the tea industry and also put forward higher requirements.

At present, labor costs are rising rapidly, coupled with the difficulty of recruiting workers and the large flow of workers, labor shortage has become a thorny problem that the tea industry needs to solve. Under such circumstances, how to further improve production efficiency and gradually shift to the direction of deep processing of tea is the goal of the majority of tea enterprises and the main content of the future development of China's tea industry.

As a leading provider of special equipment for intelligent identification, Meyer has provided high-quality sorting and inspection solutions for nearly 500 kinds of materials. It has been focusing on tea sorting for 12 years, serving more than a thousand tea companies.

tea sorting

1. The sorting solution covering the whole process

The prerequisite for the transformation of the tea industry to deep processing is to ensure the quality and safety of the primary processing and finishing links. Meyer pioneered the whole-process sorting and testing solution for tea processing, dedicated to covering all aspects of tea leaf picking, raw tea sorting, high-end tea grading, impurity inspection and post-packaging inspection, saving manpower and improving efficiency while ensuring tea in all aspects quality and safety.

2. Tea fresh leaf sorting technology

At present, many local tea gardens have improved the production efficiency of tea picking and saved a lot of labor and labor costs through the application of tea picking machinery. However, the current popularization rate of tea picking machines is not high, and the limitations of tea picking machines are relatively large. For example, tea gardens are irregularly planted, the tea leaves picked are messy, incomplete, and the tea branches are many and irregular, requiring manual secondary selection, which is time-consuming, laborious, and inefficient.

Over the years, Meyer has promoted the industry-university-research cooperation with Anhui Agricultural    University and pioneered the separation of fresh tea leaves, one bud with one leaf, one bud with two leaves, and one bud with multiple leaves and pure leaves, filling the gap in the industry. Tea fresh leaf picking has laid a solid foundation for a comprehensive mechanized mode.

3. The first AI tea sorting robot

With the upgrading of consumption, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of tea, and the demand for high-end tea at home and abroad continues to rise. At present, the high-end tea field is still dominated by manual picking, incorporating intelligent elements, and automatic picking equipment with higher picking accuracy has become an urgent need.

Based on the MAGA, Meyer created the first AI tea sorting robot. It integrates ultra-clear imaging system, AI intelligent analysis system and high-precision robotic arm to fully remove impurities such as bamboo, straw, fruit shell, hair, etc., with high picking accuracy, less carry-out, and low breakage, and truly automatic picking, Free your hands and become the best choice for processing high-end famous tea.


Technology is like a magic wand that changes the world of tea. From single green tea to multiple teas, from manual operation to mechanized tea production, from raw tea to deep-processed products, the iterative advancement of tea production technology and tea drinking methods has not only changed the tea The state of existence also deepens people's understanding of the nature of tea.

4. Tea X-ray inspection machine

Meyer X-ray inspection machine for tea includes two types: bulk tea and packaging tea. It can detect all kinds of metal, stones, glass, soil, hard rubber and plastics and other malignant impurities mixed in the processing process. Elimination provides the ultimate guarantee for tea quality.

Meyer focuses on the development and application of intelligent identification technology and has grown into a top 500 listed company in China by market value. Meyer color sorter and X-ray inspection machine have provided high-quality intelligent sorting and inspection solutions for more than 100 countries and regions around the world. This time, Meyer' whole-process sorting and inspection solution will further help the majority of tea companies to increase the comprehensive income of tea, help tea farmers alleviate poverty, promote the high-quality development of the tea industry and enhance the competitiveness of the international market.