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Meyer's review for the first half of 2020

At the beginning of 2020, the coronavirus disrupted the global economy. It warned us that any human behavior and law must not violate the laws of nature, otherwise it will lead to disaster and destruction. As an enterprise, Meyer is deeply aware that it must take natural laws such as ecological balance as one of the basic laws that restrict business activities, and strive to build an eco-friendly enterprise in order to be stable and long-term.


Therefore, in the first half of 2020, Meyer has been focusing on improving the construction of the green service system, injecting inexhaustible impetus into sustainable development, bringing infinite surprises to users, and once again using its strength to prove itself: After the successful selection of the "2019 Hurun China TOP 500 Enterprises", Meyer has recently been among the top 500 listed companies in China with a year-on-year growth of 34.53% and a market value of 35.6 billion yuan.

During the epidemic, the first challenge to Meyer is how to deliver after-sales services when engineers are unable to visit customers. In this regard, Meyer first coordinated the deployment and acted efficiently, and through the "remote contactless" online service function, it always guarantees customers' efficient production. Up to now, Meyer has provided online services for 10,000+ users.

The epidemic disrupts the pace of life, but user needs have never stopped. At the beginning of March, the 7 major hosts will take you to see Meyer, let you know Meyer without going out; a series of online press conferences, let users intuitively understand the company's products, and release them to the world in five major languages.

On March 26, Meyer launched new high-end AI color sorter for domestic customers with its new AI infrared quad-camera technology. In just one hour, nearly 43,000 people watched the live show, and the discussion area was boiling. After the product was launched on the market, it was strongly affirmed by the market and reached a cooperation with Beidahuang Rice Industry Group.

On April 17-19, Meyer released "AI+Multispectral Recognition"-a solution for the whole category of nuts and roasted seeds and nuts during the online nut roasting exhibition, especially the online combination of “color sorting machine + X-ray inspection machine” The solution is well received by the industry. At the same time, Meyer's special color sorter for nuts roasted seeds and nuts went live for the first time, and in just one hour, 35,000 people watched it.

Also, Meyer deeply meets the needs of users during the epidemic and developed a variety of new products. Based on the MAGA, with the concept of standardization and modularization, a 13-chute rice color sorter called DREAM MAX and XM series X-ray detectors that can be afforded by food factories have been released, allowing users to enjoy higher quality products at a reasonable price.

In the first half of the year, Meyer focused on green design and green services to meet the continuous upgrade needs of users. At the same time, in order to further expand the green ecological industry chain of Meyer, this year focuses on the high-end medical field and released a new green product-the intraoral scanner MyScan, which will accelerate the "smarter" oral CBCT and Ultrain AI imaging system and build a digital dental industry chain. At the Digital Dental System Solution 2.0 press conference held by Meyer and Sina Weibo, it gained 40,000+ followers.

When it comes to Green Meyer, its other core connotation is green production. Meyer MAGA smart factory has attracted much attention since its construction. The project is planned to be put into production gradually by the end of this year. At that time, color sorters, oral CBCT and other products can be automated and digitalized like automobiles and home appliances. Meyer will take advantage of the "smart factory" and set sail further!