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4 useful tips to protect color sorters in summer

In summer, the color sorters are easy to be affected by high temperatures, heavy rains, and strong thunder and lightning.  A little carelessness may result in heavy losses. But with a little precaution, it is possible to avoid such accidents.


1. Anti-lightning

There are frequent thunderstorms in summer. Before it rains, take measures to prevent rain on power distribution cabinets, motors, precision instruments, etc., regularly check whether the wiring is intact, and do a good job of grounding protection and lightning protection of electrical equipment.

2. Anti-overload

Electrical equipment operating in high temperature seasons should pay special attention to overloading and heating. As the surrounding air temperature rises, overloaded operating equipment is more likely to heat up and burn. It is best to ventilate and cool the operating equipment, make temperature records, and observe temperature differences.

3. Waterproof

① In rainy weather, please check the equipment for external water ingress in time. Once you find that the equipment is flooded or immersed, please contact the professionals for inspection and repair immediately. Do not power on without authorization to avoid greater economic losses.

②Strengthen the inspection of air compressors and refrigerated dryers. Due to the high humidity in summer, the air compressor tank will produce a large amount of condensed water. It must be discharged regularly, otherwise the water will enter the color sorter with the gas. Affect the color selection effect, and even burn out the coil, and the economic loss caused is immeasurable.

4. Pest control

In the summer, the workshop is prone to pests and mice, which can bite off the machine line, cause machine failure, and bring unnecessary trouble to production. It is recommended to clean up in time every day to keep the production workshop clean and tidy. When the equipment is not in use, cover the machine cover to prevent pests from entering the machine.

Meyer delivers tension-free.

The color sorter is the central equipment of the production and processing link, and Meyer AI color sorter, as the leader in the color sorter, always takes product quality as the first priority, and always guarantees the orderly and normal operation of the production line.

01. Meyer color sorter is equipped with lightning protection components at the power input end. Even in the thunderstorm season, it will protect the equipment from attacks in the first time and eliminate the production anxiety of the enterprise during lightning and thunder.


02. Meyer color sorter adopts internal circulation cooling system, even in the hot summer, it can still maintain efficient operation around the clock. In addition, the product is equipped with a smart physical examination function. Once the signal, air pressure, key components, etc. are abnormal, the alarm will be automatically detected at the first time, and the information will be pushed to the user's mobile phone to learn about the latest equipment trends anytime, anywhere.

03. Even if the production workshop is tripped or out of power due to lightning weather, the color selection parameters will be automatically backed up to the cloud, so there is no need to worry about the loss of parameters.

04. Meyer color sorter adopts self-developed soft magnetic alloy maglev ejector, which strictly controls the oil and pollution prevention level from the product development stage, ensuring the excellent sorting effect of the whole machine. In addition, in order to ensure that the color sorter is in a good operating environment, it is essential to regularly check whether the air compressor drainage oil filter system is normal.