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Meyer shines in the 3rd China Grain Trade Conference!

On October 19, the Third China Grain Trade Conference under the guidance of National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration opened in Fuzhou, China. In the context of the current global focus on food security, and under the new situation of coordinating the prevention and control of epidemics and economic and social development, "Building a Powerful Country in the Food Industry and Taking on the Task of Food Security" has become the theme of the conference.

As a leading company in the grain machinery industry, Meyer presented the world's hottest colour sorters and rice panoramic quality analyzers and other new intelligent manufacturing achievements in the first half of the year, fully demonstrating the important role of intelligent manufacturing in ensuring food security.


                                            Meyer new achievements

Among the series of intelligent manufacturing achievements on display, Meyer Rice Panorama Quality Analyzer, as the data center for the digital transformation of rice processing, has attracted much attention and is the focus of the audience.


                                 Zhang Hongwen, Vice Governor of Anhui Province, visited Meyer booth


                                             Zhou Xinkai, Chairman of Anhui Grain Group, visited Meyer booth




In the future, Meyer will deeply respond to the national food security strategy, continue to strengthen technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing capabilities in the field of food processing, and implement the scientific and technological empowerment responsibilities of maintaining the country’s “food security”, while supporting moderate processing, saving food, and reducing losses.