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Meyer 5G smart sorting platform and Meyer welcome banquet

At present, rice processing is in urgent need of digital transformation. How to meet flexible and diverse grading requirements in real time and enhance market competitiveness? From the national food security plan, moderate processing has become an inevitable trend, but where is the degree of moderate processing? How to achieve lean and moderate processing?


On the eve of the 2020 China International Grain and Oil Expo, on the evening of October 30, the launch conference of the Meyer 5G smart sorting platform and the welcome banquet were held in Hefei. At the meeting, Meyer's 5G smart sorting platform was officially released, injecting new impetus into the transformation and upgrading of the current rice processing industry, and giving users full confidence in the digital transformation of rice processing.


                                                                   Meyer rotating general manager

Qi Zhiwei, Meyer rotating general manager, first delivered a warm welcome speech. He said, "Unforeseen risks have stimulated the continuous increase of management costs of rice processing enterprises. The realization of digital transformation has become the common voice of rice processing enterprises." It means that Meyer will focus on advancing a new development process with "intelligence and digitalization" as the core, and work with customers to accelerate the digital transformation of food processing and promote the high-quality development of the industry.

                     New release ceremony

In the warm cheers, Meyer 5G smart sorting platform was officially released.

                                              Introduction of Meyer 5G smart sorting platform

Zhang Zixu, Sales Director of Meyer Rice Product Line, made a wonderful preview of "Meyer 5G Smart Sorting Platform". He took 6 yuan a catty of rice as an example to explain how Meyer's 5G smart sorting platform can achieve consistent rice in each batch. "What is the quality standard of 6 yuan a catty of rice? In fact, it's about data, but it lacks a digital platform such as Meyer's 5G smart sorting platform". He also invites everyone to come to Meyer booth tomorrow for physical experience.


                                                         Meyer sales team makes a toast

“In terms of promoting industrial optimization and upgrading, we must vigorously promote technological innovation and seize the opportunities given by industrial digitization.” As a leading company in the grain machinery industry, Meyer is committed to the research and development and innovation of grain processing technology, and has always been in harmony. Enriching the practice of guarding food security and advocating proper processing. We believe: The release of Meyer 5G Smart Sorting Platform 1.0 will definitely accelerate the digital transformation of rice processing!