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Warm Welcome Foreign Ambassadors & Group Rep. to Meyer Park!

The 18th China International Grain and Oil Expo, Asia's largest grain and oil industry event, opened from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2 in Hefei, Anhui province. As the exhibition hit, Meyer attracted many foreign ambassadors to China and overseas customers to its exhibition stand. They experienced Meyer's latest solution for rice digital processing transformation--the 5G intelligent sorting platform, and Meyer all-new AI color sorters. Those foreign guests were also invited to Meyer MAGA intelligent factory that will come into use soon in Meyer industrial park.


Tian Ming, Chairman of Meyer (first from right), introduces MAGA intelligent factory to the Ukrainian Ambassador to China (third from left)

Tian Ming, Chairman of Meyer, said in a cordial exchange with the Ukrainian ambassador to China that the intelligent factory, based on the Meyer advanced global architecture (namely MAGA), marks as the first intelligent production base in the field. In the near future, Meyer MAGA intelligent factory will realize automatic and large-scale production of color sorters, CBCT and other equipment under huge improvement of standardization and modularization. Meyer will achieve a frog leap in production efficiency, product quality and stability.


Qi Zhiwei, Rotating General Manager of Meyer, shows foreign guests around the Meyer Company


Foreign guests at the Expo, pictures above from left to right:

Vietnam Commercial Counselor to China (first from left);

Pakistan Commercial Counsellor to China (second from left);

The Representative of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture to China (first from left);

Consultant of Commercial Counselor's Office of the Russian Consulate General in Shanghai (first from right).

Qi Zhiwei, Rotating General Manager of Meyer, introduced it to foreign guests that the unforeseeable risks stimulate the increase of the management cost of rice processing enterprises, and the digital transformation has become the common wish of rice processing enterprises. 5G intelligent sorting platform, timely launched by Meyer, takes the rice panoramic quality analyzer -- Meyer's all-new product, as the data center. It can define the quality standard of each grain of rice with precise data, which accelerates the digital transformation of grain processing and promotes the high-quality development of the industry.


Qi Zhiwei, Rotating General Manager of Meyer, (first from left) introduces rice panoramic quality analyzer to Commercial Counselor of Rwanda to China (second from left)


Foreign guests at the company, pictures above from left to right:

Ukraine's Ambassador to China (first from left);

Pakistan Commercial Counsellor to China (first from left);

Rwandan Commercial Counselor to China (second from left) and the Representative of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture to China (fourth from left) ;

Vietnam Commercial Counsellor to China (first from left).

Pictures of foreign ambassadors and group representatives, praise for Meyer 5G intelligent sorting platform!

By this chance, Meyer also had deep communication with foreign ambassadors and customers on further cooperation, as well as deep exchanges on how to ensure the stable development of the global food industry under the stricter pandemic situation.