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Green Meyer contributes to renewables

Recently, Jiang Nanqing, the Secretary-General of the China Environmental Protection Federation's Green Recycling Inclusive Committee, visited Meyer. The two parties discussed and exchanged on the promotion of circular economy and the promotion of green development of enterprises.


The Green Circular Inclusive Committee is a professional committee composed of institutions and experts in related fields such as environmental protection, circular economy, interconnection technology, finance, and public welfare organizations established under the China Environmental Protection Federation. The special committee is committed to circular economy solutions and inclusive models, from the corporate supply chain to personal consumption and recycling to the entire life cycle to build a sustainable value chain, provide policy platforms and green services for companies, and improve the public awareness and rewards for personal green behaviors, establish demonstration models and conduct communication education to contribute to climate change and resource efficiency.


During the meeting, Secretary-General Jiang Nanqing first fully affirmed Meyer's achievements in the field of renewable resources, and expressed appreciation for the company's development concept of "focusing on industrial development and building a green Meyer". Over the years, Meyer has used hyperspectral imaging and identification technology to detect and sort waste plastics, glass, non-ferrous metals, etc., to promote the high-value and high-quality regeneration of renewable resources. At present, the total amount of renewable resources sorted by Meyer equipment worldwide is nearly 6 million tons per year, and more than 25 million tons have been processed in total.


In the future, Meyer will further build "Green Meyer", continuously reduce resource consumption through "green design, green production, green management" and other means, and take practical actions to promote the coordinated development of operation, production and environmental protection, and practice the path of green ecological development !