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Meyer's updates on intelligent manufacturing

In Meyer's smart factory in Hefei High-tech Zone, a brand-new smart color sorter "goes off" the assembly line. It takes 20 minutes, which is 40% higher than the previous production efficiency.


"Meyer Smart Factory has built more than 10 advanced production lines including color sorter assembly line, fully automatic circuit board SMT production line, unmanned maglev ejector 2.0 production line, electrical box and sorting box assembly line, etc., strictly implementing standardization, modularization, automated production standards, which are at the forefront of the domestic manufacturing of color sorters." According to Shen Haibin, vice president and general manager of Meyer, in addition to the highly intelligent color sorter production line, another highlight of the smart factory is CBCT flexible production line for dental CBCT.

The reporter saw that there are only about 10 workers inspecting and patrolling at the computer in the thousands of square meters of workshops. The material transport vehicle runs along a fixed route, accurately delivering parts to each assembly station, and then the robot completes the assembly. The whole process basically does not require labor. "The unmanned handling system and the material in and out system, the assembly line, the debugging system, and the aging system are multi-linked and coordinated in a tacit understanding. It minimizes the amount of worthless manual work and the corresponding manual intervention, and builds an unmanned scene. Cost reduction and efficiency enhancement have further improved product quality and stability." Shen Haibin said.

Meyer is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the core technology of intelligent recognition. Its AI color sorter, X-ray inspection equipment and high-end medical equipment are widely used in the global agricultural product processing, industrial inspection and dental fields. Among them, Meyer color sorter has sold more than 60,000 units, covering more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and its CBCT products have become the choice of more than 7,000 dental clinics.

The epidemic at the beginning of last year brought difficulties to the operations of Meyer. "At that time, sales personnel and technical service personnel were unable to communicate face-to-face with customers, and the maintenance and development of overseas markets also encountered difficulties." Tian Ming, chairman of Meyer, told reporters that in the face of adverse effects, the company was in Hefei High-tech Zone. With the help of the Management Committee, work and production will resume as soon as possible while taking measures to enhance competitiveness.

The service "on the cloud" provides uninterrupted, non-contact remote intelligent services for domestic and foreign customers. Since last year, Meyer has "clouded" marketing for many times, using five major languages: English, French, Russian, Spanish, and Arabic, and continues to publish and display advanced color selection solutions online to global customers. On March 26 last year, Meyer launched the Zhen series of high-end artificial intelligence color sorters with the new AI infrared four-camera technology. In just one hour, nearly 43,000 people watched the live studio. During the online nut roasting exhibition in April, Meyer nut roasting special color sorter went live for the first time. In just one hour, 35,000 people watched it, and 146 units were finally sold.

Invest heavily in the construction of the world's leading smart factory. At present, a smart factory with a construction area of nearly 70,000 square meters and a total investment of nearly 300 million yuan has been completed and put into production. At the same time, Meyer's intelligent coating sheet metal production base is also under construction. "In the future, the tentacles of intelligent manufacturing will be extended to the appearance and coating of products and the production of each component, and gradually realize the automation and large-scale manufacturing of products from component production to complete machine assembly, and greatly improve the manufacturing process, quality and production efficiency, strive to achieve'no matter one unit or 10,000 units, the quality is consistent', fully demonstrate the strength of China's manufacturing in the global high-end market competition!" Tian Ming said.

The "cloud" service and intelligent manufacturing have brought new vitality to the development of the company. Since last year, Meyer has not only gained a lot in the expansion of the domestic market, but also performed well in the overseas market. "We recovered quickly in the overseas market last year. , The South Asian market represented by India has achieved substantial sales growth.” said Ruan Rongchao, head of Meyer Brand Center.