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My business scene:

Meyer new release for nuts!

The 15th Nuts and Roasted Products Fair officially opened in Hefei on April 16 . Meyer delivered the "Full Spectrum + AI Intelligent Sorting Solution" to attract attention from customers.

                                                                                    ▲Meyer booth shines

                                                                 ▲Meyer booth is popular                                                          

                                                      Technology creates the future

The release of Meyer's full-spectrum sorting solution delivers color sorting, shape sorting, and material sorting for nuts. It can remove foreign materials, detect defects and separate shell and kernel.


                                                                               ▲Meyer New Release

                                                                           ▲Signing contracts

                                                        Production, study and research

Meyer nut and seed intelligent sorting demonstration attracted strong interests of customers. All kinds of nut products are involved.



08_副本.jpg                                                                                  ▲Sorting performance

As the vice chairman memeber of Nut Roasting Industry Association, Meyer attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition. Many media such as Zhongan Online, China Nuts and Roasted Products Exhibition Network arrived at the Meyer booth and competed for interviews.

09_副本.jpg                                                                                          ▲Opening ceremony


                                                                                        ▲Booth interview   

The 2021 Nuts and Roasted Products Fair will came to a successful conclusion. Meyer serves the nut roasting industry with true heart to set off again.

In the future, Meyer will continue to lead the high-quality development of the industry, based on technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing, creating greater value for customers with intelligent sorting.