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Meyer released the white paper of rice processing

Today, Anhui Daily, Zhongan Online, Tencent News, Toutiao, Sina News and other media platforms published the article "Wisdom Drives the Development and Upgrade of the Grain Industry and Meyer Releases the White Paper on the "Digital Transformation of the Grain (Rice) Processing Industry"", the original text is as follows.

With the in-depth development of the new generation of information technology revolution and industrial revolution, digital transformation has become an important strategy of major enterprises in the 14th Five-Year Plan. At the same time, combined with the actual status of China's rice processing industry, digital transformation has become the only way for enterprises to restructure their core competitiveness and develop high-quality development.

On March 5, when Premier Li Keqiang made the "Government Work Report", he proposed to accelerate the development of digitalization, create new advantages in the digital economy, coordinate the promotion of digital industrialization and industrial digital transformation, accelerate the pace of digital society construction, and improve the level of digital government construction, and build a good digital ecology as well as build a digital China.

It can be seen that in today's society with the rapid development of information technology, the term "digital" is coming into people's field of vision with a rising trend. In April this year, in response to the 14th Five-Year Plan of the country, Meyer, Nation Food Wuhan Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd., Wuxi COFCO Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., and COFCO Nutrition and Health Research Institute Co., Ltd., Digital Technology Research and Service Laboratory of University of Science and Technology of China, Jiangnan University, Henan University of Technology and other enterprises and institutions, jointly released the white paper "Digital Transformation of Food (Rice) Processing Industry", to meet unprecedented opportunities and challenges under the development of the digital economy. The white paper starts from the status quo and problems of each key link of rice processing, proposes solutions for the digital transformation of the industry, and points out specific directions for the innovation and upgrading of enterprise business models based on the industrial Internet of Things technology.

In response to the problems of the rice processing industry’s inability to control the purchasing and storage standards, the traditional extensive processing technology, the difficulty in quantifying the sorting effect, and the inability to trace the factory quality, the white paper focuses on the promotion of the panoramic quality analyzer and ecological chain APP pioneered by Meyer. The rice processing digital platform built by the developer connects the various links of collecting and storing samples, processing and manufacturing (grinding, rice milling, polishing), sorting and quality control, opening up the data link between rice production and sales, and ultimately boosting the realization of the enterprise Digital transformation.

In recent years, focusing on the modernization of grain circulation capacity, the precision of macro-control, the normalization of circulation supervision, the efficient development of the grain industry, and the high-quality service of the grain industry, the new generation of digital technologies such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence have been used. Meyer explored and practiced various business scenarios such as grain supervision, grain purchasing and storage, grain processing, and grain trading, and achieved remarkable results.

However, under the major examination of the epidemic, there are still many shortcomings in the comprehensive integration of digital technology and food business and the depth of application. In order to accelerate the digital transformation of the food industry, reconstruct the food industry value chain, and create a new industry development ecology, Meyer has always been committed to The R&D and innovation of rice processing technology will give full play to the strongest driving force of the enterprise and become an important support for ensuring national food security and realizing the high-quality development of the food industry. To this end, the company's newly put into use panoramic quality analyzer has realized product data and informationization, so that every grain of rice meets the standard, and uses data to drive the entire industry chain to help customers create new operating models. 

It is reported that some large companies such as COFCO and Tailiang have joined the track to promote digital transformation, allowing technology to drive industrial development and upgrading, and innovative thinking and Internet technology to enhance the resilience and strength of the industrial chain, thereby driving the increase in industrial value .

Times are changing, and science and technology "intelligence" makes wonderful. As a commercial organization, enterprises still need to move forward and find a way out on the road of digital transformation. Taking the release of the white paper "Digital Transformation of Food (Rice) Processing Industry" as an opportunity, Meyer will continue to gather innovative thinking and increase technological innovation. Inject new momentum into the high-quality development of the grain processing industry.