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Meyer new release for food safety

On April 20, Zhongan Online focused on the product innovation of Meyer and conducted a special interview. The following is the report:   

Recently, the 15th China Nuts and Roasted Food Exhibition in 2021 was grandly held at Binhu Convention and Exhibition Center. Meyer brought six smart devices to the exhibition. Entering the company’s booth, some "monsters" came into view-visible light color sorter, visible light double-layer crawler color sorter, infrared crawler color sorter, double red shell core separation color sorter, X-ray machine, full-spectrum material, the color-integrated sorting machine, under the introduction and demonstration of the staff, these machines have "showed their skills" one after another, attracting many participants to stop and watch.


With the rapid development of science and technology and the update and iteration of technology, Meyer, with the help of advanced multi-spectral recognition technology, powerful AI software algorithm and excellent rejection structure, launched a new product at the exhibition-full-spectrum material color. The integrated sorting machine, whether it is high-density malignant impurities or organic matter, etc., the machine can screen impurities in all dimensions, and accurately identify the color, shape, composition and other characteristics of various grains, and then pass the magnetic levitation valve to remove unqualified grains and precisely eliminate as well as realize the intelligent sorting of grain.

Smarter and more "smart", the machine can not only provide scientific and intelligent sorting solutions according to customers' requirements for quality grading, but can also accurately perform precision on more than 500 kinds of materials such as rice, tea, peanuts, wheat, corn, and kernels. Recognition makes the road to fine processing of agricultural products more and more solid, and the deliciousness on the tip of the tongue is becoming safer.

                                                                                           ▲Meyer New Release

As a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development of core technologies and products for intelligent identification, Meyer has always been committed to let everyone enjoy a safe and healthy life.

Today, in the face of the ever-expanding market space and consumption potential, the company is still actively ensuring after-sales service. According to Tian Feng, the integrated product line manager, from 2019 onwards, all mechanical equipment will be equipped with intelligent interconnection functions. Special personnel will implement remote online guidance and services for their installation, commissioning, maintenance and other links, so that users can stay at home to solve the difficult problems encountered. In addition, Meyer has an annual return visit to all customers, arranges after-sales engineers to come to the door for free maintenance of the equipment, and has formed a 24-hour response and 48-hour arrival "Meyer Efficiency" nationwide to provide users with comprehensive and thoughtful after-sales service, creating a professional, efficient and dedicated golden sign.

In an era of rapid change, innovation is like a stream of fresh blood, injecting strong impetus into the high-quality development of an enterprise, driving its development and upgrading, and igniting its intelligence engine.

"This year, all of our equipments have customized algorithms to meet the needs of our customers for different quality." Tian Feng revealed that in the Internet era, in addition to product automation upgrades and transformations, precise positioning of user needs has also become a key link.

User demand feeds back the upstream of the production chain. In Meyer, there are not only artificial intelligence color sorters with multiple product lines, but also X-ray inspection equipment and high-end medical equipment. Many core technologies fill the gap in China and are awarded the National Technology Awarded the second prize of progress, more than 50,000 customers worldwide.

Meyer Intelligent Factory

                                                                                       ▲Meyer Intelligent Factory

At the end of November last year, Meyer' smart factory commissioning ceremony was held in Meyer Industrial Park. The factory is committed to fully realize the automatic, large-scale and intelligent production of localized color sorters, oral CBCT and other products. As the most advanced production and processing base in the industry, it has greatly improved the stability and reliability of its products after it was put into production, and played a demonstrative and leading role for the industry to fully practice high-quality development.

Color Sorter Assembly Line                                                                                            ▲Color Sorter Assembly Line

At present, the factory has built 14 advanced production lines including color sorter assembly line, fully automatic circuit board SMT production line, magnetic levitation valve 2.0 production line, electrical box and sorting box assembly line, and medical oral CBCT flexible automated production line. The factory will follow fully dock with Meyer's intelligent coating sheet metal production base (under construction, with a total area of about 90 acres and a total investment of 360 million yuan), and gradually realize the automation and large-scale manufacturing of Meyer products from component production to complete machine assembly, improve the manufacturing process, quality and production efficiency of products, so that "no matter one unit or 10,000 units, the quality is always the same."