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How Meyer makes a product

With a sustainable development mindset, a struggling attitude, and the pursuit of maximizing customer benefits as the premise, Meyer continues to promote the national brand spirit, earnestly make products, serve with heart, and continue to take social responsibilities.

In the past, Meyer has been committed to breaking the international monopoly, solving the technical problems of optoelectronic identification field one after another, and realizing the popularization and application of color sorting, X-ray industrial detectors and oral CBCT products. Meyer contributes a lot to food safety, travel safety, oral health diagnosis and treatment.

Now, the goal of Meyer is to strive to make all existing products "No. 1 in the world." In 2019, Tian Ming, the chairman of Meyer, put forward a strategy of in-depth focus, demanding that the production line should be deepened and thorough, and the industry should be stronger and bigger. 

After a systematic layout, Meyer has established a comprehensive R&D and manufacturing innovation platform, focusing on improving key indicators such as performance, reliability, and cost, and continuously increasing investment in technological innovation, engineering innovation, and intelligent manufacturing, and strive to achieve the consistent quality no matter 1 sets or 10,000 sets. 

At the 2021 South China International Dental Exhibition that just ended, the new generation of Meyer oral CBCT sales are booming, which proves the customer's recognition of Meyer's brand, especially their trust in product quality.


▲ The sales team of Meyer CBCT

In recent years, Meyer has been committed to building a high-level R&D talent echelon, continuously introducing highly educated talents from domestic well-known universities such as Tsinghua University, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and University of Science and Technology of China, and insisting on improving and innovating product technology and process.

In response to the development trend of oral digitalization, the deepened application of AI empowers physicians in clinical diagnosis and treatment. It also has brought significant improvements in image quality and a brand-new upgrade of operating experience.

Then, the increasing filming rate, significantly reduces radiation damage to the human body, and allows doctors and patients to communicate more effectively, which greatly promotes accurate and safe diagnosis and treatment.

At the same time, Meyer has also built the first oral CBCT flexible automated production line. The AGV automatic transport vehicle is combined with the dispatching system to accurately deliver the spare parts to each assembly station. After that, there are many points in the process of aging, debugging, and packaging to minimize the amount of worthless manual work and corresponding manual intervention, and further improves the stability of the product.

color sorter

▲ The AGV flexible production line for Meyer CBCT

Not long ago, the new generation of Meyer color sorter built by the smart factory was also officially released. The fundamental change in the production model has given the product stronger competitiveness. The brand-new advertising slogan "highly reliable, smarter, Meyer color sorter-your trusted choice", demonstrates the brand's confidence.

color sorting

▲ The assembly line for Meyer color sorters

Self-confidence is easier said than done, and this difficult process took five years. Compared with other industrial products, the color sorter involves four majors of optics, mechanics, electricity, and software, with more than 1,000 parts and components, and the specifications, structures and attributes of each part are greatly differentiated. The realization of engineering and automated production is very difficult.

Through platformization, standardization, and modular design, Meyer has increased the universal rate of parts from 20% to 70%. At the same time, more than 70% of parts have been automated and streamlined production, which has greatly improved product quality and production efficiency.

While operating its products, Meyer also incorporates the concept of green development into all aspects of corporate development, creating green products through green design, green production, and green management, and earnestly fulfilling its responsibilities for environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction.

The sustainable development of an enterprise means difficulties and pressure. From the first time selected by a customer, Meyer is determined to live up to every trust. Up to now, Meyer' global customers have exceeded 50,000. The growth of the customer scale provides a steady stream of development momentum and is doomed to more and more arduous challenges. The important thing is not to be selected, but to be selected no matter how many years later. "Pursue quality and serve customers" has become the core value of Meyer people, the cornerstone of the company's development, and the foothold and starting point of survival.

Looking back at every step of Meyer, it is actually a process of working hard to make a good product. The ultimate pursuit of products has long been written into the personality of Chairman Tian Ming. This personality has been deeply transformed into the connotation of corporate culture, rooted in the hearts of employees, and inherited from the blood of employees.