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Again! Another 3 Meyer tire inspection X-ray machines

Recently, 3 Meyer tire inspection X-ray machines were successfully debugged and put into use at Prinx Chengshan's Thailand production base. Since the two parties cooperated in 2014, Pulin Chengshan has purchased 7 Meyer tire inspection X-ray machines and 4 sets of X-ray imaging system upgrades.


                                                         ▲3 Meyer tire inspection X-ray machines were successfully debugged

Established in 1976, Pulin Chengshan is a specialized and large-scale tire manufacturing company. The company has established two production bases in China and Thailand, and two sales centers in North America and Europe. Its distribution network reaches the world, with professional tire quality. Continue to conquer the global market.


                                                          ▲Pulin Chengshan (Thailand) production base

The application of Pulin Chengshan tire products covers passenger, commercial, industrial, agricultural and some special vehicles, and is in cooperation with more than 30 automobile manufacturers such as China National Heavy Duty Truck, Jiangling Motors, Dongfeng Liuqi, China FAW, SAIC Iveco Hongyan and Qingling Motors. The company carries out supporting cooperation. Its ultimate pursuit of tire quality has helped the company continue to flourish. The eight-year cooperation with Meyer is precisely because of the company's professional and technical strength in the field of tire testing.


                                                        ▲The workshop

As the leading brand in the tire imaging inspection industry in China, Meyer has a completely self-developed tire X-ray inspection machine, equipped with the company's self-developed tire defect automatic classification software system, which can realize tire foreign body and defect detection and automatic classification. To ensure the quality of tires, the inspection efficiency and consistency of the products are greatly improved. At the same time, Meyer tire inspection business also involves imaging system transformation and other fields.

Up to now, Meyer has provided the final inspection program for most large-scale tire companies in the country, and the inspection technology has reached the world's leading level, providing the ultimate guarantee for the safety and quality of tires. Continental Tire, Pulin Chengshan Tire, Linglong Tire, Giti Tire, Pirelli Tire, Cooper Tire, Zhongce Rubber, Zhengxin Rubber, Kumho Tire, Huasheng Rubber, Yanchang Petroleum, Double Coin Tire, Wanli Tire, and famous brands such as Yinbao Tire and Longma Tire are loyal partners of Meyer.


In the future, Meyer will continue to continuously improve the core competitiveness of its products with technological innovation, focus on "performance", "reliability" and other key indicators to achieve the ultimate in products and services, and strive to provide more tire manufacturers with professional testing solutions. Contribute to ensuring travel safety.08.jpg