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Why Does Meyer Sales Growth Outbreak in Africa and Europe?

The slow recovery from COVID-19 worldwide accelerates Meyer‘s sales performance in Europe and Africa. During the last five months this year, the sales amount of small grain color sorters in Europe and Africa reaches 20 million RMB, which is 40 percent volume growth compared to the same period in 2020. Almost 100 Meyer sorting machines were shipped to European and African countries to make high benefits for customers.


Back in 2011 when Meyer started its business in Europe, the first sold machine successfully went into operation in Greece. It unveiled Meyer's market in Europe. In the next years, Meyer sold more machines to the Commonwealth of Independent States and Western Europe. Numerous fields like rice, small grains and the X-ray inspection industry witness Meyer machines' excellent sorting performance and stable operation.

In 2011, Meyer entered the rice industry in Egypt. In 2014, the Meyer sales team risked the Ebola virus entering West African and pioneered the cashew color soring industry. In 2015, Meyer opened more countries even few people know, like Burkina Faso, Togo and Mauritania, to conduct market research and development there.  The sales volume of the African market increases from an initial 3 million RMB to today's 20 million RMB per year. Meyer has been heading step by step in the land of Africa.


                                                   △Meyer sales manager in Europe

Why does Meyer step into the international market steadily and climb higher time and again? Here are the reasons:  

Platform Advantage

Meyer focuses on intelligent identification for almost 30 years, covering three major sectors of agricultural product sorting, X-ray industrial testing and high-end medical device. It is the first A-share listed enterprise in the sorting industry in China(stock code 002690). Known as National Certified Enterprise Technology Center, National Post-doctoral Research Workstation and so on, Meyer attracts hundreds of top talents from Chinese leading universities like Tsinghua University and

University of Science and Technology of China(USTC). Over 500 research and development and technical personnel in Meyer work in technology innovation, 200 of whom have master's or Ph.D. degrees.

3_副本.jpg                                                                           △Meyer company

Technology Advantage

Meyer is committed to independent innovation and has built a comprehensive R&D platform combining industry, education, research and application. The platform has established the advantages of integrated innovation of core components and independent development of software. Meyer now owns over 500 patents and is awarded the National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise.

About hardware, Meyer color sorter is equipped with numerous leading technology like maglev ejector, PID position control, full-spectrum lighting system and InGaAs quad camera. These new technologies ensure the Meyer machine's high quality and outstanding performance.


InGaAs quad camera 

About software, Meyer develops customized deep learning algorithms for different materials. It guarantees outstanding sorting performance with high accuracy and larger profits for customers. What's more, Meyer creates Meyercare for overseas customers to control the machine's status anytime and anywhere,  always keeping the machine in the best operation status.


Technological Process Advantage

In addition to the breakthrough in technology, Meyer's production pattern also undergoes a large transformation. In Nov. 2020, Meyer intelligent factory officially went into operation. By standardization and modularization on the intelligent factory, the common rate of parts increase from 20% to 70%, and more than 70% of the parts are by automatic and streamlined production. It dramatically improves Meyer's product quality and production efficiency.


                                                                △Meyer intelligent factory-assembly line

Quality Management Advantage

Meyer has strict controls in the quality and implementation of the 5S management standard in production and manufacturing and adopts traceable process control for the whole life cycle of product quality.

Moreover, Meyer carries out digital transformation by building Meyer e-procurement platform and QDS quality data management system to implement digital control of product quality.


                                                               △Meyer e-procurement platform

Service Advantage

Meyer always puts the interests of customers in the first place and pursues more professional, more standardized services. Meyer has numerous agents in many countries worldwide. They can provide door-to-door after-sales service to help customers install and commission the machine. Besides the local service,  the remote contactless service with remote commissioning, remote control, smart backup and smart check also helps customers set the machine to the best condition. The after-sales engineers can assist foreign customers with professional guidance at home.


                                                           △Meyer door-to-door after-sales service in Pakistan

Customer Advantage

With excellent product strength and considerate after-sales service, Meyer has gained the trust of more than 50,000 customers worldwide and over 60,000 machines are running now. Meyer color sorter has been highly praised by customers in different fields, and has established stable cooperative relations with many head enterprises.


In the future, Meyer will keep the global leading position of intelligent sorting machines and forge into a world-class brand in the industry with the core of "pursue quality, serve customers".