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Quick to know Meyer X-ray inspection machine
1. What's the X-ray inspection machine used for?

The equipment takes the penetrating ability of X-ray to detect metal foreign materials mixed in the product and dense non-metal foreign materials through the difference in density. In addition, it can also perform missing detection, damage detection and weight of the product detection etc.

Since X-ray was discovered at the end of the 19th century, after hundreds of years of development, it is now widely used in food industry inspection, public safety inspection, X-ray medical diagnosis and other fields.

2. What kind of problems can Meyer X-ray machines solve?

Meyer is the world's leading provider of intelligent identification equipment. It began the research and development and innovation of X-ray machines in 2007. Its current business covers the following areas:

(1) Food foreign materials detection: 

From food raw materials to small packages, large packages, bottled and canned foods, Meyer provides a one-stop solution, mainly detecting glass, metal, stones and other malignant impurities, as well as empty particles and insects in some agricultural raw materials, as well as sealing oil leaks and missing parts in small packages of food.


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(2) Industrial safety inspection: 

Focus on the inspection of all-steel and semi-steel radial tires, and detect dozens of defects in tires, such as foreign materials, air bubbles, belt discounts, spigots, crossed cords, rim bends, shoulder bends, etc. The scope of business also includes the detection of foreign materials in shoes, clothes and bags.


(3) Public safety inspection: 

Meyer security inspection machine serves Hefei Metro Line 1, and its business scope also covers express delivery inspection and other fields.


(4) High-end medical imaging detection: 

The main products are dental CBCT, ENT CT, and will be radiated to other medical diagnostic fields in the future.

3. Which areas can Meyer X-ray inspection machine cover?

(1) Foreign materials detection of products in bags and boxes.

Provide foreign materials detection and sealing oil leakage detection for small and medium packaging and large packaging foods, including dairy products, meat products, seafood, baked goods, leisure bagged products, quick-frozen products, fruit and vegetable products, etc.


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(2) Foreign materials detection of bottled products.

It is widely used in bottled and canned products conveyed in an upright form, such as milk powder, canned food, bottled food, etc.


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(3) Foreign materials detection of food raw materials.

It is applied to the detection of foreign materials in various food raw materials: nuts, beans, peanuts, tea, dried fruits and vegetables, Chinese medicinal materials, etc. It can also detect empty and worm-eaten particles in some agricultural products.


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(4) Foreign materials detection in aquatic products.

It is applied to the detection of foreign materials in fish bones, residual shells in shellfish, pearl grains, sand grains, etc.


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4. Why Meyer?

(1) Platform advantages

Meyer has been focused on the field of intelligent identification for nearly 30 years, focusing on the three major sectors of agricultural product sorting, X-ray industrial inspection and high-end medical care. It is the industry's first A-share listed company (stock code 002690). With a nationally recognized enterprise technology center, a national agricultural product intelligent sorting engineering technology research center, a national post-doctoral research workstation and other technical platforms, it has attracted top talents, R&D and technical personnel from well-known domestic institutions such as Tsinghua University, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and University of Science and Technology of China. There are more than 500 people, including more than 200 masters and doctors.

(2) Strategy advantage

Meyer has a clear mid and long-term development strategy. It focus on the current business sector in depth, deepen the production line, and make the industry stronger and bigger. Focusing on key indicators such as "performance and reliability", the company has built a comprehensive R&D and manufacturing innovation platform, continued to increase investment in technological innovation, strengthened engineering concepts, promoted intelligent manufacturing, and strived to achieve the ultimate in products.

(3) Culture advantages

Initiating and leading is not accomplished overnight. Meyer's strong social responsibility is the adherence to the corporate spirit of "integrity, truth-seeking, and innovation" and the core values of "pursuing quality and serving customers" for more than 20 years.

Looking back at every step of development, the culture of Meyer people is actually to make good products. The ultimate pursuit of products has long been written into the personality of Chairman Tian Ming. This personality trait has been deeply transformed into the connotation of corporate culture, rooted in the hearts of employees, and inherited from the blood of employees.


(4) Technology advantages

Meyer is committed to independent innovation and has built a comprehensive R&D platform that combines production, education, research and application. It has formed the advantages of core component integrated innovation and independent software development. It currently has more than 500 patents and has been awarded as a national intellectual property advantage enterprise.