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My business scene:

Thailand, a fragrant riceland

The Thailand proverb, “there are fishes in the water and rice in the earth" , reflects vividly the abundance of its agriculture. 47% land of Thailland is uesd to plant agriculture products, while rice ranks first in its planting, exporting and earning foreign exchange. 

"Rice is life, a lifestyle and a cultural form and it has a lot to do with Thailand's society," said Lasa Wei, director of the Research Center of Rice in Nong Khai Province and he has been engaged in rice research and cultivation for more than 30 years since he graduated from university. 

Rice export is one of Thailand's main sources of foreign exchange earnings and it accounts for about 20 per cent of the global rice export market shares. In 2017, Thailand exported 11.48 million tons of rice, second only to India and the world.

To safeguard quality and promote exports, Thailand has developed complex and detailed rice standards covering all types of rice exported. At the same time, the same type of rice is divided into different grades according to more than 20 indexes such as broken rate and variegated grain.

In addition, Thailand has established a quality inspection process in which exporting rice must be inspected by a special rice inspection commission. By closely combining variety standards with product standards, Thailand actively cultivates high quality rice and guides international market sales.

Meyer has been committed to improving rice quality through introducing technical innovation as defined by the core values, Pursue high quality, serve customers, since it entered the Thailand. Loads of Meyer AI sorters have been employed in local production line of rice factories after more than ten years of its localization, and they have brought lucrative profits to customers. As a loyal customer of Meyer, its products and services win my trust. I hope there will be a deep cooperation between the rice mill of Thailand and Meyer , said Kriang-sak, president of rice mill council of Thailand.