My industry is:

  • Sorters
  • Agricultural products
  • Industrial products
  • X-ray Inspection
  • Food
  • Industrial products
  • Public places

My business scene:

What kind of spark effect it will show us when tradition meets AI?



Ten years ago, peanut sorting mostly relied on manual work and easily interfered by subjective factors, which caused high labor cost and low efficiency. In 2005, Meyer firstly applied color sorting technology to peanuts processing. With the development of intelligent identification technology, peanut color sorter has become the key of peanuts quality control and widely used in this industry. Today, combined with AI, what kind of value it will create for you continuously?


Intelligence makes a difference

▶Compound Eye illumination system, Two cameras 3D REBUILDING

  Meyer color sorter "see it more clearly"


▶Targeted Sorting Technology

  Meyer color sorter "aim at it more accurately"


▶Maglev ejector, Intelligent Crash Prevented System

  Meyer color sorter "remove it more completely"


Intelligent interaction makes operation easy

Extremely simplified interaction:Quick switch-over of sorting solutions,easy operation even for children.

Remote Commissioning:Online instruction solves problems quickly

Automatic backup:Scheduled backup of key data to the cloud for calling excellent sorting solutions anytime

Auto-check & Auto-tuning:Regular auto-check and auto-tuning for sorter key data of signal, lighting, alarms and dust to ensure excellent performance of sorters.

Ultra-high precision for super effect


The removal rate of unhulled peanuts with crack, hole and broken ones is 30% higher than conventional sorters.

The removal rate of peanuts with short bud is 50% higher than conventional sorters.

The removal rate of frozen and different color peanuts is 15% higher than conventional sorters.




Based on the standardized and modular mechanical structure design, under the intelligent  factory standard for streamlined manufacturing, Meyer peanut intelligent color sorter can realize the true stability and reliability.