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Touchless service to make Meyer outstanding this year!

Grain processing is an industry directly related to the national economy and people's livelihood. It's becoming more important especially in this special time globally. Now, the orderly and normal operation of the production line comes first, and key processing equipment, such as color sorters, cannot afford breakdown. Thus, Meyer color sorter has further stood out with its unique advantages of online operation and "touchless" service.



Food Processing Entrepreneurs

"The color sorter is the center of our grain processing production line. I'm afraid that sudden problems will occur and production will be delayed. After all, after-sales service is inconvenient at special times.

However, if you are buying a Meyer AI color sorter, then the above

concerns may be unnecessary. Because most of them can be connected to the Internet and have rich functions. Customers may not care about them, such as remote control and remote debugging, but they attract users' attention now. Let's have a check closely.

Meyer Color Sorter

"Touchless" services



Remote control


Remote debugging


Afraid of running abnormally? Don't worry, the large screen of Meyer color sorter can directly connect with the phone interface of after-sales engineers. They will help you to improve sorting performance online professionally and assuredly.

Accidental power failure? The parameters you set have been backed up to the cloud, so don't worry about losing them.

3.  "Touchless"

Smart backup



Smart Checkup


A thermometer is an indispensable tool for judging whether or not you have a fever, and a smart check is a thermometer for Meyer color sorter. When you have problems such as abnormal voltage, power failure, abnormal air pressure, excessive dust, etc., it will immediately alert and send information to your mobile phone, so that you can find and solve it as soon as possible.


Hopper tracking

When the material is blocked or running out, Meyer color sorter will deliver self-adjustment of output for you, ensuring the balance of incoming and outgoing materials, and reduce manual operation.

Real-time "touchless" service

We fight together


Recently, all after-sales personnel of Meyer get online remote training again to better respond to service demands. Once your color sorter is connected to the network, we will immediately monitor the operation status and keep it running stably online in real time.

Meyer AI color sorter has been known for its high stability and reliability for years. This is due to the modular, standardized design and lean production of the products. At present, all products are built according to streamlined operation standards of the MAGA intelligent factory. In the future, being smarter and more intelligent is the trend. In addition, it will match with Meyer's newly launched rice panoramic quality analyzer to ensure rice quality online, and to automatically adjust sorting performance.

Meyer color sorter with touchless service will surely be more trusted by consumers. Choose Meyer, choose reliability. 

Meyer promotes the sound operation of the food processing industry with its "touchless" intelligent technology, and contributes to the national economy and people's livelihood. We strongly believe that the warm spring is coming soon when people are united in the face of hardship.