My industry is:

  • Sorters
  • Agricultural products
  • Industrial products
  • X-ray Inspection
  • Food
  • Industrial products
  • Public places

My business scene:

What we choose when we choose Meyer?


Tian Ming, the president of Meyer, stood on the stage of the Anhui Economic Figure Awards Ceremony in 2019, crowned with glory, held a trophy, and had a determined look.


His company took the lead in launching a domestic rice color sorter, which expanded its sorting materials to nearly 300 varieties such as tea, grains, nuts, and renewable resources. Also, Meyer took the lead in applying X-ray detection technology to the industrial identification field, and first launched a domestic 3D digital oral CBCT, breaking a number of international monopolies and filling a number of patent gaps. The market share of products is always leading in the industry, and availability is up to more than 100 countries and regions.

"We must increase investment in scientific and technological innovation. Only if our products can lead the world's trends and lead the world, can China be regarded as a powerful country in science and technology!" Tian Ming said to thousands of audiences. The achivement of investment in innovation is closely related to the interests of ordinary people! "


The glory awarded on the eve of the Lunar New Year in 2020, is driven by continuous heavy investment of R & D and innovation  and excellence in production management. Almost eight years after the listing of Shenzhen Stock Exchange A, Meyer's stable operating performance has always made it perform well in the securities market. Its brilliant financial statements are often mentioned by industry experts, which reminds people that this company has undergone a qualitative change after going public.

From "Deep Focus" to "Green Meyer"

This time-honoured value evolution can be traced back to the beginning of listing. In the face of a sudden increase in pressure, President Tian deeply pondered the path of Meyer and delivered his answer of "deep focus". It has allowed Meyer to evolve from a "traditional R & D and manufacturing" company into a "high-tech physical manufacturing" company, focusing on superior resources in the fields of agricultural product sorting, industrial inspection, and high-end medical imaging.


At present, China is actively deploying national strategies to promote high-end, intelligent, and green high-quality development. President Tian combined with the actual situation of the company and made another thought on the road of "sustainable development". This time it was about social responsibility. He put forward the concept of "Green Meyer" in the new stage, and promoted the implementation of "green design", "green production" and "green management" to the company's strategic level.

From "MAGA" to "Total Transformation"

As the world sees, a brand new Meyer is transforming gorgeously in time. In 2019, Meyer released a full-scale R & D and manufacturing innovation platform——MAGA (Meyer Advanced Global Architecture). It aims to achieve comprehensive changes in the entire industrial chain system of R & D, design, production, supply and service.


In the R & D and design segment, Meyer needs to dig deeper into the users, update the product line interatively, and maintain vitality. In 2019, Meyer Oral CBCT, with the support of AI orthodontic analysis system, has brought about a revolution in intelligent diagnosis and treatment. At the four major exhibitions in the dental industry, this product has received 1,725 units of orders, creating an industry online sales myth. Today, Meyer CBCT has become a common choice for more than 5,000 dental clinics in China.


In the production sector, “high-end manufacturing” and “intelligent manufacturing” are making strides forward. Meyer's 63,000-square-meter MAGA smart factory has been capped, and it is expected to be gradually put into production in the middle of 2020. It will provide more practical guarantees for standardized product development and design. As early as 2017, processing steps such as circuit boards, maglev ejectors, and exterior spraying of important product parts have been gradually automated. In 2019, the second phase of the intelligent sheet metal workshop and painting workshop is under construction. The vision is to achieve full-scale automated production in 2020.

In the supply sector, Meyer launched an electronic procurement platform in March 2019. Its main operating model is open and transparent, attracting nearly a thousand high-quality suppliers. Through the "151" mode of scientifically managing the entire life cycle of suppliers, quality control is continuously extended to the front end, saying "NO" to low quality from the source.



In the service sector, Meyer adhering to the "Heartfelt Service" concept is well known as its comprehensive after-sales service system all over the world. Meyer color sorters continue to receive the pros of well-known brands such as COFCO, Three Squirrels, Starbucks, Hai Di Lao, etc. In April 2019, Meyer's first overseas office was officially opened in Hyderabad, India, and the construction of a global service network has entered the fast track. Every corner of the world, whether you are using a PC, mobile terminal, Douyin or Facebook, Meyer always strives to bring a brand image with temperature and responsibility into mind.

From "Farewell" to "Remake"

"Keep persistent, then golden stone can be carved." From watchers during the technology blockade period to the global leader in intelligent identification technology, Meyer has achieved gorgeous transformation. In the Hurun Research Institute's first release of the "2019 Hurun China Top 500 Private Enterprises" list, a total of 12 companies from Anhui Province were on the list, and Meyer ranked 287th in the overall list.


On January 1, 2020, Meyer released a new VI system, and a new round of brand upgrades was launched. The new logo is in line with the strategic direction of "green development". By using the innovative combination of "forest green" and "quality black", it announces that "upgraded" Meyer has taken on a new look and opened with a brand new international brand image.

As a real economy company that has always actively responded to the country's call for "high-quality development", Meyer has used its past to complete its high-end remodeling. Facing the future, it will transform into a high-tech enterprise labeled as "high-end, smart, green".

This process will not be "coincidence", but a necessity.