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Production Lines Completing! ​Meyer Intelligent Factory Coming!

Every manufacturing enterprise dreams to streamline, automate and intelligentize the production process, thus achieving the goal of "consistent quality whether producing 1 or 10,000 machines". In the background of "building China into a manufacturing power, quality power, network power, and digital power", Meyer, a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the core intelligent identification, concentrates on customer needs and promotes the layout of intelligent manufacturing.


                     ∆Meyer intelligent factory

Meyer's efforts to improve the standardization and modularization of products started in 2015. It has reduced the types of parts in the major machine by 41%, increased the commonality rate to 70%. Over 3,000 modular design libraries have been established, greatly improving part's commonality, safety and reliability. Moreover, Meyer integrates all-around resources including R&D, design, production, supply and service to make products into engineering approach and to make production streamlined, automatic and large-scale.


                    ∆Meyer intelligent factory from the top view

In March 2018, Meyer intelligent factory started construction where parts processing, color sorter and CBCT assembly produce. The 1.0 stage construction is completed, and Meyer intelligent sheet metal coating factory is now under construction. The company is committed to fully realizing automation, large-scale and intelligent production, improving the manufacturing process, quality and production efficiency, and building the industry into digitalization, thus achieving high-quality development.

Meyer intelligent sheet metal coating factory under construction                    ∆Meyer intelligent sheet metal coating factory under construction

Meyer intelligent factory covers an area of 63,000 sq meters with an investment of 34m dollars (225m yuan). The project is a multi-layer framed corridor structure that makes full use of natural ventilation and daylighting to maximize land saving. It
 adopts first-class energy-saving facilities and environment-friendly materials, which marks one of the unique green factories in Chinese machinery manufacturing.

Meyer color sorter                    Meyer color sorter all-new assembly line

The first machine of the new color sorter assembly line successfully launched in September 2020.  The medical oral CBCT flexible production line, full-automatic circuit board SMT production line, maglev ejector automatic production line, electrical cabinet and sorting cabinet assembly line and other ten new production lines are all nearly finished. Meyer intelligent factory will be put into production soon!

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