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Meyer Smart Factory is officially put into production!

On the morning of November 29, 2020, the commissioning ceremony of Meyer Smart Factory was grandly held. After more than two years of meticulous preparation and construction, this smart factory, which has attracted much attention from the industry, has now completed the construction of Phase 1.0. It is mainly used for parts processing and assembly of Meyer color sorters, Meyer oral CBCT and other products.


Meyer Smart Factory started construction in March 2018, with a building area of nearly 70,000 square meters and a total investment of nearly 300 million yuan. At the beginning of construction, it is committed to becoming a model of green development. The project fully considers the conservation of resources and the environment protection as well as the health and safety of employees. The overall project is a multi-layer framed corridor structure, which makes full use of natural ventilation and lighting to maximize land saving; and all use first-class energy-saving facilities and environmentally friendly materials. It is a unique green factory in the field of machinery manufacturing.

The factory strictly adheres to the construction concept of "Use first-class equipment and technology to create first-class products". It has completed the construction of stage 1.0 and has a total of more than ten new production lines, including medical oral CBCT flexible production line, color sorting machine assembly line, and fully automatic Circuit board SMT production line, magnetic levitation valve automatic production line, etc., have the characteristics of high quality, high efficiency, and high environmental protection.


                                     Shen Haibin,vice chairman and general manager of Meyer

Shen Haibin, vice chairman and general manager of Meyer, stated at the commissioning ceremony that the current domestic and international situation is constantly changing and facing a series of opportunities and challenges, the company put forward the "Green Meyer" struggle concept, advocating green design, green production, and green management. Gradually realize the harmony between human and nature, and the harmony between enterprise and society. Vigorously promoting intelligent manufacturing is an important measure to realize "Green Meyer" and an in-depth embodiment of the practice of the company's core values of "pursuing quality and serving customers". In the future, Meyer will continue to provide customers with better solutions.


Guo Shaoxiang, chairman of the Anhui Food Industry Association, said in his speech that the commissioning of Meyer Smart Factory means that its products have achieved a qualitative leap in stability and reliability, and will bring better quality sorting to the majority of food processing enterprises. The graded processing guarantee will play an active role in promoting and demonstrating the construction of a new grain post-production service system, and will also drive China's grain machinery industry to accelerate the realization of high-quality development.


Meyer color sorting machine customer representative-Shanghai Yinhai Trading Co., Ltd. general manager Yu Haiming said that since 2007, nearly 30 Meyer colour sorters have been selected, and what they value is Meyer's continuous improvement of product quality and service quality. At present, grain processing companies are accelerating digital transformation to achieve sound and rapid development. The follow-up is full of expectations for intelligent, green, efficient and stable sorting equipment. The engineered color sorter built by Meyer Smart Factory will effectively satisfy the majority of grains and oils. The use requirements of processing companies in digital transformation.


The customer representative of Meyer Dental CBCT, Wang Lidong, General Manager of Smile International Dental Group in Anhui, said on the spot, "I am very pleased to see Meyer has been committed to using intelligent manufacturing and future technology to empower smart diagnosis and treatment in recent years", and confidently said, "The official commissioning of the smart factory has raised the stability and reliability of Meyer Oral CBCT to another level. Such a product will definitely become a powerful assistant for the majority of dental clinics."


Before the official launch of the production ceremony, Ruan Rongchao, the person in charge of the Meyer brand center, shared the results of Meyer in the 1.0 stage of intelligent manufacturing from the four production modules of mechanical processing, painting, parts assembly, and final assembly.

Subsequently, under the witness of all the staff, the launch ceremony of Meyer Smart Factory was officially launched! The huge flag of celebration, as the ceremony slowly unfolds, is full of the striving spirit of the Meyer people to go forward and brave the waves.


After the ceremony, all the staff also visited Meyer Smart Factory. AGV unmanned truck, as a dominant device, has been extensively used in automated material distribution system and assembly line system. In this way, eficiency of Meyer Dental CBCT flexible production line has been incread by 50% in terms of manufacturing procurement such as assembly, aging, commissioning, and packing.


The assembly line of Meyer color sorting machine can realize the standardized and modular flow of production processes from rack preparation to complete machine assembly, off-line, debugging, and aging. It also introduces the Siemens numerical control system to automatically monitor the entire production process, making Meyer color The manufacturing cycle of the sorter in the final assembly workshop has been reduced from 5 days to 3 days, and a color sorter can be rolled off the line in 20 minutes at the fastest, and the efficiency has increased by more than 40%.


In the future, Meyer Smart Factory will also speed up the docking with Meyer Smart Coating Sheet Metal Production Base (under construction, with a total investment of 360 million yuan), and gradually realize the automation and large-scale manufacturing of Meyer products from component production to complete machine assembly to greatly improve the manufacturing process, quality and production efficiency of products, and strive to achieve "no matter one unit or 10,000 units, the quality is consistent".