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【MEYER sorting the world】Thai Leading Rice Exporter Indulged in “The Rice Beauty Pageant”

Since the first machine exported in 2003, MEYER Products have covered in almost 100 countries and regions globally.

MEYER has made a global pride of China in cereal processing.

Yet the international exploration and development of Meyer haven’t ceased here while with China’s further distribution of the Belt and Road policy, leading to a more profound global marketing strategy of MEYER.

After exerting sustainable efforts more than a decade, MEYER has become a close partner with grain processing enterprises in Thailand – the main rice production area of the world.


Today, we’d like to take you into the Thailand rice export leading company - RONGSI MANOROM THANYAKIT LTD to find out how China made help the world to enjoy Thai Rice.


As one of the largest rice export enterprises in Thailand, RONGSI MANOROM THANYAKIT LTD owns many large-scale factories in Chai nat, Pijit, Roiet etc., produces daily approximately 10,000 tons of varied kinds of rice such as white rice, sticky rice, parboiled rice, Jasmine rice, etc. and exports to many Europe and Southeast Asian countries.

MEYER Color Sorters “occupying” the Production Line

“Thai Standard” Makes the Best Rice
Thai Rice Standard is the most specified and elaborated rice standard in the world. With such high standard and strict quality control, the rice of this company has guaranteed its popularity in the global market.

Features of Excellent Rice of “Thai Standard”
1.Long and Slim, white and limpid, germs without white dots, semitransparent as a whole.
2.Serrated rice shape with average overall length of longer than 7mm.
3.Average width no less than 3mm of an intact rice。
4.Breakage rate of less than 4.5%

MEYER Color Sorter – the perfect judge for the Rice Beauty Pageant

Genes of rice form in the growing process while advanced processing technology is the edge tool to fully meet the standard.


To guarantee the quality, RONGSI MANOROM THANYAKIT LTD has invested huge amount of money on building several automatic rice production lines with over 40 MEYER color sorters inspecting their rice, missing no impurities.

The “winners” have represented the extraordinary qualities of Thai Rice

Excellent training service enables customers to use the sorters smoothly.

Under the favorable environment of “The Belt and Road”, with the quality of Made in China, MEYER aims to promote both excellency of Thai Rice and MEYER Production to enjoy the global reputation.

MEYER sorting the world is carrying forward now, if you expect us to come to you as soon as possible, please sign below in the comment site. MEYER Hotline: 0551-65306895