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Green Meyer, Green Manufacturing

Meyer is committed to making everyone enjoy a safe and healthy life and integrate the green concept into every step of the company's development by building a "Green Meyer". Meyer is expected to be a world-class enterprise.

Meyer has built a comprehensive R&D and manufacturing innovation platform. In the process of promoting the industry to become stronger and bigger, it reduces resource consumption and achieves sustainable development through “green design”, “green production”, and “green management”, achieving the continuous development.

                                                           01 Green Production

In recent years, the Meyer Smart Factory project has attracted much attention. Intelligent manufacturing aims to change the traditional manufacturing mode through the engineering of design, realize the improvement of production efficiency and the reduction of cost consumption, and provide a more forward-looking solution path for green development. 

The Meyer Smart Factory, which was put into operation in November 2020, has a total investment of nearly 300 million yuan. It mainly covers parts assembly and final assembly processes. It has built nearly 20 new automated and intelligent production lines and unmanned production workshops for core components, with high quality , high efficiency and high environmental protection characteristics.


                                                                                   ▲Meyer Smart Factory


                                                                            ▲Color Sorter Assembly Line


                                                              ▲Dental CBCT Flexible Automatic Production Line

In order to further realize the green responsibility, the infrastructure construction of the factory has fully considered the conservation of resources, the protection of the environment, and the health and safety of employees. The whole project adopts a multi-layer frame-type corridor structure, making full use of natural ventilation and lighting to maximize land saving. It takes the first-class energy-saving facilities and environmentally friendly materials.

Green factories promote high-quality development, and green manufacturing green hills and clear waters. As early as 2009, Mr Tian Ming, the Chairman of Meyer,  realized the importance and urgency of environmental protection. He determined to start with outstanding problems and promote the company's spraying process from outsourcing to self-production in 2017, building the industry's only high-standard automation painting workshop, with a construction area of 11,000 square meters, which has become a model of energy saving, emission reduction and green development. 

The pre-treatment processing area adopts the world's leading environmentally friendly silane pre-treatment process to enhance the adhesion and anti-corrosion effect of the surface of the parts.

The large-piece powder spraying production line adopts a powder spraying method that is greener than baking paint, not only without pollution, but also the powder utilization rate is as high as 95%.


                                                                                     ▲Automatic Painting Workshop

It is estimated that by the end of 2021, Meyer's intelligent coating sheet metal production base with a total investment of about 360 million yuan will also be completed and put into production, gradually realizing Meyer's intelligent manufacturing of products from component production to complete machine assembly. While realizing its own transformation and upgrading, Meyer will also in-depth summary and refine the development experience, and is committed to driving the entire industry to develop green manufacturing.

                                                 02 Green Design

To build a smart factory, we must pay attention to technical issues such as standardization and modularization from the source, which is a necessary condition for achieving large-scale production.

Five years ago, Meyer began to vigorously promote the improvement of engineering design, because the color sorter belongs to a multi-variety, small-batch production mode, and the products involve multiple majors such as optics, mechanics, electricity and software, and there are more than 1,000 parts and components.

The specifications, structure and attributes of each component are also highly differentiated, and it is very difficult to realize automated production. Through platformization, standardization, and modular design, Meyer has increased the universal rate of parts from 20% to 70%. At the same time, more than 70% of parts have been automated and streamlined production, which has greatly improved product quality and production efficiency. 

It has also realized the elimination of waste and resource conservation from the source. At the same time, on the design side, Meyer also pays attention to reducing the application of traditional manufacturing processes such as welding and polishing, and uses robot bending and riveting methods to achieve environmental protection and quality improvement.

                                              03 Green Purchasing

The innovation of the design mode also determines the transformation of the main component supplier of the product to the module supplier, and participates in the product design and supply mode selection throughout the process.

The supply chain management system of Meyer is also guided by the green development of the whole process, the whole chain, and the whole link. Through the establishment of an electronic procurement platform, it selects energy-saving and material-saving environmentally friendly products and facilities to promote the formation of high-tech and resource-consuming products. 

Industrial supply chain with low environmental pollution. Green procurement enhances Meyer' sense of social responsibility, and also ensures that company customers can get safer and more environmentally friendly products at lower prices.

                                               04 Green Management

The trees are verdant, the lake is rippling, the workshops are scattered and the employees go back and forth in an orderly manner. This is the modern garden-style factory carefully cared by Meyer.


                                                                                         ▲Meyer Park

Meyer Chairman Tian Ming has repeatedly emphasized that company management must have "no dead ends". Not only park management, but also process management in company operations. 

Meyer is committed to linking behavior, business, and data through digital and information methods, and continuously improving process efficiency and response speed. At the same time, it can also promote paperless office in the true sense and further save resources. In this way, it promotes the formation of a strong green operating atmosphere within the company.

                                         05 Green Product

In recent years, Meyer has also been based on its deep technological accumulation and has promoted green development through product innovation. Meyer is proud of its newly built renewable resource sorting equipment. The recycling of renewable resources is an important part of green development. 

Its essence is to recycle wastes, which is indispensable for promoting the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. Adhering to a high degree of social responsibility, Meyer has in-depth research on related technical pain points, and has formed an overall sorting solution covering waste plastics, waste glass, scrap metal and other renewable resources, actively helping the industry to achieve a common vision-"Let the cycle be infinite , Let the value eternal".


                                                               ▲Meyer booth at the Chinaplas 2021 Expo


Looking back at the development of Meyer for nearly 30 years, the company has been closely focusing on the research and development and innovation of intelligent identification technology, and its business has focused on three major sectors: agricultural product sorting, X-ray industrial inspection, and high-end medical imaging equipment. Products such as machine, CBCT, etc. escort food safety, food safety, public safety, and oral health diagnosis and treatment, and they are all truly "green products."

What is a green enterprise? In the process of in-depth practice, Meyer very much recognizes this definition: it adheres to sustainable development, all products are low-carbon and environmentally friendly, and its production process is energy-saving and emission reduction. It achieves a harmonious and win-win green balance between the enterprise and the environment. It is a participant and guide, a promoter and practitioner of harmony with nature.

It adheres to the basic national policy of saving resources and protecting the environment, firmly follows the path of ecologically sound and civilized development, and has formed a strong culture within the company that values technological progress, green environmental protection, and humanistic harmony atmosphere. It insists that honesty is the basic requirement, pragmatism is the foundation of one's life, safety is the way to survive, and innovation is the long-term solution.

Green Meyer, Green Future. We are determined to increase horsepower and make greater plans on the road to in-depth practice of green development. From our own green manufacturing, we will continue to empower the green development of the entire industry.